Monday, July 13, 2009

ESPN's College Football Live Tour Stops at Massachusetts Tuesday

A programming note: Be sure to set your DVR/Tivo/whatever to ESPN tomorrow at 3:30pm ET as ESPN's College Football Live's 50 States Tour rolls into Massachusetts. Matt Ryan is the special guest.
It's summer, and that means it's the perfect time for College Football Live to hit the road for an old-fashioned summer road trip!

The gang will be putting tires to asphalt in all 50 states to celebrate the game that unites fans from between the hedges in Georgia to the Coliseum in Los Angeles. We're going in search of the best players, best coaches, best games and more from every state in the union.
You can also add your two cents by voting for Massachusetts' best team, player and coach on ESPN's SportsNation.

Which team is the best in state history?

'19 Harvard (9-0-1)
'40 Boston College (11-0)
'84 Boston College (11-2)
'93 Boston College (9-3)
'07 Boston College (11-3)

Which player is the best in state history?

George Connor, Holy Cross
Doug Flutie, Boston College
Mike Ruth, Boston College
Matt Ryan, Boston College
Greg Landry, Massachusetts

Which coach is the best in state history?

Jack Bicknell, BC (59-55-1)
Mark Duffner, Holy Cross (60-5-1)
Tom Coughlin, BC (21-13-1)
Frank Leahy, BC (20-2)
Mark Whipple, UMass (49-26)

For shame if we let one of these Harvard, Holy Cross or UMass jokers win one of these poll questions. Enjoy.


JP from Dorchester said...

FYI, I know its early, but the BC haters are out on the polls.... Harvard and HC lead two of the 3 questions.

BCMike said...

Exactly, JP.

Erik said...

It's also One Harvard answer vs 4 BC answers, so the BC people spread their votes around.....

What will they talk about in Vermont? Middlebury & Norwich I guess?

BC Billy 1979 said...

I bet these picks piss off the Harvard Alumni!