Friday, March 6, 2009

Rehashing the GDF Chat, NC State and the Big Finish

Brian: Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo held a live chat on Wednesday afternoon because I guess something has to get us through the winter months before football season starts. Jeff, you probably missed the live chat since you were on the road to Raleigh, so let me give you the Cliff notes.

Q: Better attendance at football/basketball games?
A: Nothing I have done has made this better so I am throwing my hands in the air at this point.

Q: More football on national TV?
A: Only if BC keeps winning ...

Q: When can we start using the Brighton Campus for baseball/softball facilities and tailgating?
A: Only when the BRA pushes the Master Plan through.

Q: Men's varsity lacrosse?
A: Nope.

Q: Why do we have crappy recruiting classes?
A: We do? I trust in Spaz.

Q: Notre Dame on the sched post 2010? Syracuse annually after Thanksgiving?
A: Notre Dame doesn't want to play us and you read my mind about the Orange.

Q: "We can't be Harvard every day and then Alabama on game days." What's up with that?
A: Alumni want this but it is actually really difficult to do.

Personally, I was a little turned off by some of his flip responses. Pun intended. Anyway, Jeff, what answers surprised you the most? And where was GDF right on the money?

Jeff: There were really no surprising answers I think. It was kinda a boring read after you summed it up for everyone. Gene backed his boy Spaz and stuck with his stance on football and basketball attendance.

But back to Wednesday night's disappointing loss to NC State where NC State logged only its third victory in basketball and football combined since Boston College joined the ACC. As you pointed out to me shortly after the game began, attendance is not only a problem at Boston College. NC State had plenty of empty seats, the big difference being though that they play where the Carolina Hurricanes play and therefore their seating capacity is more than double that of Boston College. They must have sold a lot of tickets because people were sitting in every row of every section in the entire arena.

Brian: It was Senior night, so I was surprised how empty the arena felt on television, but this team has virtually no shot at the NCAAs (unless they win the ACC Tournament) so I guess it evens out in the end.

Jeff: NC State had many great chants and cheers during timeouts and during play which reminded me of how great college basketball is. Not many people travel to away basketball games compared to the thousands that travel for football but college basketball is truly special in its own way. My only complaint about the RBC Center was that they did not display total team fouls anywhere in the building so I did not know how many fouls the Wolfpack still had to give as it got towards the end of regulation.

Brian: Regarding fouls, I think Sidney Lowe coached a great game in the final seconds, fouling BC to put them on the line when they were down three. That all but sealed the game.

I was also really disappointed in the play of Josh Southern. In particular, there was one opportunity in the first half where Southern caught the ball down low in the post all alone, turned towards the hoops with plenty of real estate to dunk it home, went up and got blocked and fouled by an NC State defender. He simply didn't finish. You have to go big or go home, big man!

At 6'10" we need Southern to go strong to the hoop and finish. Maybe Southern just isn't the right guy to be an ACC center?! The future is certainly promising for BC basketball with the return of Trapani, Sanders, Raji, Paris and Jackson, but I don't think this team can take its play to the next level without a legit center.

Big Finish

Brian: The BC women's basketball team won their opening round matchup in the ACC Tournament, defeating Miami 76-59. The win pushes their record to 20-10, 7-7 ACC. If they lose their next game against the No. 1 seed Florida State, the Lady Eagles will finish with the exact same record as last season. The only catch is last year, BC was left out of the Dance. Do the ladies get into the NCAAs this year?

Jeff: I believe the Lady Eagles get in this year but I am no women's hoops expert.

Jeff: In's This Week in Hockey East column, they are predicting a Northeastern sweep of BC this weekend. Agree?

Brian: The BC optimist in me says we can sweep. The realist says we will be lucky to split with Northeastern.

Brian: The BC ticket office was honored as "Innovator of the Year" at the Ticketmaster Users Convention. That cool with you?

Jeff: I'm not going to complain about BC being honored for anything. I like their ticket marketplace but wasn't that initiated last year?

Jeff: BC captain Brock Bradford will make an appearance at this year's Frozen Four. Will the rest of the team join him?

Brian: Umm, no. Although the small sliver of hope that we have in making the Field of 16 is confirmed by this week. A sweep this weekend and we at least are back in the picture.

Brian: The trespassing charges against Sean Williams were dropped by the school. I'm not surprised by that, but am surprised that this was a major headline yesterday (slow sports news week?). Are you surprised?

Jeff: Slow news week? Why don't they just keep following A-Rod to doctors appointments? No, I am not surprised that charges were dropped. Took too long though.

Jeff: Last one, give me a Clemson vs. Wake Forest, Florida State vs. Virginia Tech and a Duke vs. North Carolina prediction.

Brian: Wake Forest, Florida State and North Carolina all win. That gives Florida State the No. 4 seed, Clemson the 5 and Boston College the 6. I am happy with this because then we avoid back-to-back games against Georgia Tech (we would play Virginia in the last game of opening day of the tournament), and our second round matchup would be against FSU instead of Clemson or Wake Forest. We have already proven we can hang with Florida State, but not so much with Clemson and Wake Forest.


Raj said...

I'd solve our football and basketball attendance issues. He's just not willing to sacrifice some money to provide a better atmosphere.

If the game is approaching there is an easy way to get people to the game. Free gifts or interaction with the players.

Adam said...
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JohnQPublicSchool said...

Sure, I never went to BC, but c'mon, give me some D1 lacrosse where I don't have to cross the Charles!

Erik said...

We're in a bind with lax.
On one hand, the sport is taking off in Mass and we're members of the lax-friendly ACC (even if it in only Md, Uva, Duke, and NC).

On the other hand, we have to field teams for warm and cold weather sports. ACC schools don't have to worry about M/W Ice Hockey, M/W Skiing. Heck, half might not even do an Indoor Track schedule beyond the ACC Championships.

I'd think the lax would be cool, but a few dominos would have to fall first.

Brian said...

In my opinion, the lacrosse issue is less about the number of varsity sports the school has (as GDF mentions) and more about the financials.

I'm going to assume that lacrosse would be a cost on the athletic department balance sheet and not a revenue source. The big money sports - football and basketball - would have to cover the expense of yet another varsity program. With athletics departments across the country taking hits to their balance sheet, I can't imagine the school wants to add another line item to their budget.

Oh yeah, and Title IX seems to have a hand in this decision as well.

Kevin said...

If BC got a lacrosse team, I would be it's number on supporter.

We need a lacrosse team, desperately. I know our hockey team is (well, not this year) fantastic, but it has little appeal to a person who lives in Maryland, like me.

I mean, I know I'm one of the few BC fans who has no ties from living in the state or being an alumnus, but according to Erik, it's taking off big time.