Monday, October 6, 2008

Blogpoll: Week 6

This is a draft. Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below. Final ballot is due Wednesday. Also note apparently CBS has offered the formerly indy blogpoll a home. The blogpoll will now be featured alongside the Associated Press, Coaches, Harris and CBS120 polls on their site. Very cool. More news on that as we receive it.

Also, we are switching up our blog post lineup this week. Both Jeff and I are going to watch last Saturday's game on replay tonight on ESPNU (10:30pm) since it's a bit of a blur and we both forgot to DVR the game. We'll have our thoughts on the game tomorrow.

1Alabama (6-0)--
2Oklahoma (5-0)--
3Missouri (5-0) 3
4LSU (4-0) 1
5Penn State (6-0)--
6Texas (5-0) 2
7Texas Tech (5-0) 1
8Georgia (4-1) 1
9Southern Cal (3-1) 3
10Virginia Tech (5-1)--
11Brigham Young (5-0) 2
12Georgia Tech (4-1) 4
13Vanderbilt (5-0) 6
14Florida (4-1) 1
15Utah (6-0) 1
16Kansas (4-1) 1
17Wake Forest (3-1) 5
18Boise State (4-0) 3
19North Carolina (4-1) 7
20Oklahoma State (5-0) 5
21Ohio State (5-1) 3
22South Florida (5-1) 11
23Kentucky (4-1) 5
24Michigan State (5-1) 2
25Boston College (4-1) 1

Dropped Out: Auburn (#13), Connecticut (#20), Oregon (#23).

Welcome! North Carolina (#19), Michigan State (#24), Boston College (#25)

Waiting Room: Ball State, Northwestern, Tulsa, Auburn, Florida State

Highest Standard Deviation Between Individual Ballots: Boston College (7.07), South Florida (6.36), Ohio State (5.66), Michigan State (5.66), Boise State (4.24)

Lowest Standard Deviation Between Individual Ballots: Alabama, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Kentucky

By Conference: SEC 6, Big XII 6, ACC 5, Big Ten 3, Mountain West 2, Big East 1, Pac 10 1, WAC 1

Games Jeff Watched:
Boston College at North Carolina State (in-person)
Connecticut at North Carolina (in-person)
Florida State at Miami
Ohio State at Wisconsin (25%)

Games Brian Watched:
Boston College at North Carolina State (in-person)
Connecticut at North Carolina (in-person)
Florida State at Miami
Ohio State at Wisconsin (25%)


Raj said...

i would have to say oklahoma should be #1, as they have been killing their opponents, and are once again the lock of the week, covering the spread 4 weeks in a row.

Coach Melissa said...

I agree with Raj. OU has shown that they will crush anyone in their path so far. And I feel that the Big 12 will be on par with the SEC as far as the difficulty of the opponents through the course of the league season. Alabama is clearly #2, and Mizzou definitely belongs at 3. I feel that GT and VT are a little overrated in your poll, and Auburn still belongs in the top 25 in my opinion.

Brian said...

OU doesn't have that marquee win against a top team (they just have to wait 6 days for their chance I guess), while Alabama does.

Alabama has one more win that OU and the highest ranked SOS in football.

But seriously, look at the teams that Bama have beat vs. Oklahoma.

Oklahoma quality wins - TCU
Alabama quality wins - @ Georgia, Kentucky, vs. Clemson

coach melissa - I've been Auburn's biggest supporter so far this year (look at my track record in the Pick 5), but who have they beaten? Two crappy SEC schools by a combined point differential of 3.

Winfield said...

I like 'Bama at number one simply because their quality of work (beating better opponents) is best.

Happy to see GT up there. Fairly quality competition and taking care of business.

BCMike said...

woo-hoo! BC #25!

*happy dance*

EffinDane said...

Giving GT some mad props. I don't think thats necessarily wrong, but as of right now I couldn't put the Jackets up there simply because after week 6, its resume time, and we haven't put a hurtin' on a big team yet. We should definitely be top 25, but I couldn't put us in the top 15 until after Clemson.

Also, thank you for not ranking Auburn. They never should have been in the top 20, much less ranked as high as they before LSU.

O said...

Hold on...

BC 56th vs 25th???

Brian said...

O - those rankings have BC #56 because they supposedly haven't played anyone.

I'd like to point out that that poll also has Illinois #16 for beating Eastern Illinois, Louisiana-Lafayette by 3 and Michigan. Umm ...