Monday, September 29, 2008

Raleigh Road Trip!

As a reminder, the first (of hopefully several, e.g. Tampa, a non-Boise bowl game) BC Interruption reunion tour hits up Raleigh this weekend for the noon game between Boston College and North Carolina State. In case you missed it, here is our travel guide on Raleigh.

If you are staying in the nearby Chapel Hill area, you might also find our Chapel Hill guide useful. Undefeated UConn travels to Chapel Hill to face off in a 7:00pm ACC game. With more advanced planning, we probably could have also hit up this game for the nightcap, but something tells me the significant others wouldn't be down for 8 hours of in-person football watching. Call it a hunch. However, it does look like Huskies v. Tar Heels will be a pillow fight, given both starting quarterbacks T.J. Yates and Tyler Lorenzen will be out this Saturday. We'll probably just try to catch the game at a bar after the BC game.

Drop us a note or leave a comment if you are planning on attending the Eagles game.

Is it the weekend yet?

"In conclusion, I will leave you with this. If you think that the ginger problem is not as serious ... think again?"


furrer4heisman said...

attention heather dinich: you don't anything other than a solid defense and run game to win 10 games a year in college football (see: beamer, frank). jesus pogosticking christ. who gives a shit that bc can't pass? neither can more than half the teams in the league. let it go. god, i hope we beat maryland by 50. again.

Brian said...

it's cool. just wait until her #2 team in the acc plays a team with a great defense, a competent offensive playcaller or a team with some heart. they will fold like they always do. we'll have a more in-depth rebuttal for tomorrow.

BCMike said...

I think Heather is just partial to the Turtles because she is, herself, part tortoise. How else do you explain that neck?