Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blogpoll: Week 5

1 Alabama (5-0)
2 Oklahoma (4-0)
3 LSU (4-0)
4 Texas (4-0)
5 Penn State (5-0)
6 Missouri (4-0)
7 Georgia (4-1)
8 Texas Tech (4-0)
9 Brigham Young (4-0)
10 Virginia Tech (4-1)
11 South Florida (5-0)
12 Southern Cal (2-1)
13 Auburn (4-1)
14 Utah (5-0)
15 Florida (3-1)
16 Georgia Tech (3-1)
17 Kansas (3-1)
18 Kentucky (4-0)
19 Vanderbilt (4-0)
20 Connecticut (5-0)
21 Boise State (3-0)
22 Wake Forest (3-1)
23 Oregon (4-1)
24 Ohio State (4-1)
25 Oklahoma State (4-0)

Dropped Out: Wisconsin (3-1) (#13), Clemson (3-2) (#17), TCU (4-1) (#22), East Carolina (3-2) (#25).

Welcome! Connecticut (5-0) (#20), Oregon (4-1) (#23), Ohio State (4-1) (#24), Oklahoma State (4-0) (#25)

Others Receiving a Top 25 Vote: Ball State, Boston College

Highest Standard Deviation Between Individual Ballots: Ohio State (5.66), Florida (4.95), Utah (4.24), Wake Forest (4.24)

Lowest Standard Deviation Between Individual Ballots: Alabama, Oklahoma, LSU, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State

By Conference: SEC 7, Big XII 6, ACC 3, Mountain West 2, Big Ten 2, Big East 2, Pac 10 2, WAC 1

Games Jeff Watched:
Southern Cal at Oregon State
Maryland at Clemson (in-person)
Virginia Tech at Nebraska

Games Brian Watched:
Connecticut at Louisville (50%)
Navy at Wake Forest (50%)
Alabama at Georgia (50%)
Marshall at West Virginia (25%)


We continue to reward the strongest undefeated teams in our poll as they are ranked #1 through #6. Of our ranked teams that lost last weekend, we dinged Georgia the least as they lost to our now #1 Alabama.

Southern Cal and Florida drop 10 and 11 spots, respectively, due to their losses to unranked Oregon State and Ole Miss (at home). We drop Wake Forest 14 spots to #22 for their poor performance at home against Navy (a team Duke beat ... just sayin).

The bottom falls out for East Carolina and Clemson as they both fall to 3-2. Wisconsin is gone due to not showing up in the second half against Michigan (c'mon Badgers, it was 19-0 at half?!). And TCU drops out after making a brief appearance at #22 with their loss to the Sooners.

The pool of Division I-A (FCS) teams that are currently undefeated stands at 18. We voted for 15 of them and left out Northwestern (#26), Tulsa and Ball State. Next week this number of teams will be reduced by at least 1 when Kentucky travels to Alabama.

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BCMike said...

Clemson loses to Alabama at a neutral site game and drops 19 spots.

UGA loses at *HOME* to Bama, and drops 6 spots.


Brian said...

Clemson dropped 19 spots after week 1 because we had no sample of games to base expectations and they got embarassed by Alabama. Realistically we probably had Clemson way too high preseason.

Georgia now has road victories at South Carolina and Arizona State and the highest ranked SOS through 5 weeks. Clemson has beat down on two I-AA cupcakes and NC State (a third I-AA cupcake?), i.e. they haven't beaten anyone.

BCMike said...

Oh I understand why it happens now, I just think it's funny that the same team that won at a neutral site (against a lower ranked team) drops 16 spots while a higher ranked team who loses at HOME drops a third of that.

AZST isn't a great win, but I give UGA credit for leaving the state of GA for the first time (outside of SEC play and Clemson) in 38 years.

SCar is a good defensive team that starts the year well before crapping themselves. Probably the most constantly over-hyped SEC team year in and year out.

UGA is a good team, but they started 3 frosh O-line this year, IIRC. That leads to penalties and brain farts. They get killed by USC, Mizzou, OU, etc., IMO.

Brian said...

We'll know a lot more about Georgia after they play Vanderbilt, @ LSU and Florida in October. These things have a way of evening out.

Bravesbill said...

I still don't see how USC is ranked lower than Georgia right now? Yes, Georgia lost to Alabama, but who exactly has Georgia beaten this year? And let's face it, Georgia got killed by Alabama. The score at the end was pretty deceiving. USC did destroy the then ranked #3 Ohio St.

Jeff said...

We never had Ohio State ranked #3. So while USC's win against them was impressive, their loss to 2-loss Oregon State was far worse than Georgia's loss to Alabama. Georgia and USC's losses were similar where the favored team got blown out in the first half then made the final score look better in the second half but never really had a chance to win.