Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Preseason Football Rankings

Jeff: By now, you have probably seen that Boston College received votes in both of the major preseason polls. How can a team that some predict to go 2-12, 4-8, or maybe by the most pro BC/ACC writers, 6-6 be in others' preseason top 25? How does that make sense?

Well first, realize that a lot of teams receive votes in the preseason polls. Even though BC is in some voters top 25, they are essentially 40th in the AP and tied for 49th in the USA Today Poll. Both of these rankings are still higher than a 4-8 or even 6-6 ACC team deserves but the ranking is deserved. Why you ask?

How many college football teams can you absolutely assure me(like bet your house on) will be ranked ahead of BC in the final BCS standings this season. Personally, I can only come up with 3. Texas, Florida and Oklahoma. Sure, there are plenty more teams that I think will finish ahead of BC at the end of 2009, but only 3 that I am absolutely be sure of because I cannot promise you that USC will win the Pac-10 and BC will not win the ACC, for example. Why else does BC deserve to get some top 25 votes?

Boston College has proved since joining the ACC that they have competed for their division and conference title every year and gone on to bowl games. Since a preseason top 25 poll ranks basically every BCS conference team that will ultimately head to a bowl game. BC certainly has earned the right to be considered based on their past success and the inaccuracies of preseason polls.

Lastly, the uncertainties of Dave Shinskie, the new coaches and the injuries not only leave the possibility for a disastrous season, but also leave the possibility of having an unpredictably successful season and if that scenario pans out, at least a few writers will be able to say "I told you so."

Comparing the two polls, I have to say that I agree with the AP Poll a little more than the USA Today poll because of where we are ranked relative to a few teams I follow closely. In the AP Poll South Carolina got 2 votes while Wake Forest got zero but in the USA Today Poll both teams are ahead of BC. No one can convince me that either team deserves to be ranked ahead of BC.


BC Billy 1979 said...

Its always the case that we are underestimated by national writers.

Leather D said...

All 9 AP votes came from one guy who has us 17th.

BC Billy 1979 said...

How can they even begin to include Notre Dame in this years top 25 before they play a game?