Monday, August 31, 2009

Headlines: BC-Northeastern Depth Chart Released

Brian: The Boston College football depth chart was released on Sunday and not a moment too soon, with only 5 days to kickoff. Here’s what we know.

On offense
  • Looks like both Justin Tuggle and Michael Marscovetra are going to have a shot at the starting quarterback position.
  • The hybrid tight end/fullback spot is a bit of a surprise with sophomore Lars Anderson getting the nod over junior Jordon McMichael
  • Jarvis and Gunnell are the starting WRs, Megwa must still be injured
  • Redshirt freshman Chris Pantale has the starting TE position
  • Redshirt freshman Emmett Cleary takes the LG spot
On defense
  • Albright reclaims his spot on the depth chart, providing some much needed experience on the defensive line
  • Dillon Quinn will redshirt
  • The loss of Herzlich, McLaughlin and now Thompson in the LB corps hurts. The starting LB corps will contain two freshmen (Kuechly and DiSanzo) and a sophomore (LeGrande)
  • Giles and Scafe will be tabbed to replace Raji and Brace up the middle
  • Secondary will be a strength, with Bowman and Davis at safety and Gause and Rollins are corner
  • Aponavicius is the starting kicker
  • Gunnell gets the punt returning spot while Harris will take kickoffs

Jeff, the biggest surprises for you?

Jeff: Surprise? There is no surprise in any of this information unfortunately. Can we at least name a starting quarterback? I feel that with the injuries, the rest of the depth chart was predictable aside from where freshman step in. But since they are freshman and we've never seen them play before, can we judge anything? No.

I think Spaziani continuing to hold off on naming a starting quarterback means that Shinskie is the starter as soon as he is healthy. I don't think it is good to go into your final week of practice with three guys splitting time at the most valuable position on the field. If that OR in the depth chart is really ultimately for the #2 quarterbacking spot, I think we have a much better chance of developing some team chemistry amongst the first unit ASAP.


BC Billy 1979 said...

Spaz will have a piece in the NY Post tomorrow, about the state of the team.

furrer4heisman said...

Apo is still there?

In three years you guys haven't been able to find a better kicker?

BCMike said...

I think the biggest problem is that when we're playing Tuggle/Marsco/Shins all we're going to find out is who is effective against bad 1AA competition and a mediocre MAC team in Kent State.

I agree that Spaz should just pick one and go full steam ahead and try to get whomever it is up to speed the fastest.

The worst thing about these situations is that all of the guys are going to push a little extra when they're in to prove that they're "the guy", and that will undoubtedly result in higher risk plays and turnovers.