Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Source: BC to play Army at New Yankee Stadium in 2014

On Monday came news that Army and Notre Dame agreed to play the first college football game at the New Yankee Stadium in 2010. Of course Notre Dame wanted to be the first college football team to play at the new Stadium as they take their three-ring traveling circus of neutral site games to the City that doesn't sleep.

But wait, Notre Dame in 2010 was just the tip of the iceberg for Army, as they move their football operation from West Point to 161st and River. Scheduling the Irish seems to have opened the Army football scheduling floodgates for The House That Steinbrenner Built. Release the hounds!
Army will play a college football game against Air Force in 2012 at Yankee Stadium, the Times Herald-Record has learned.

This will be the first time the teams have played at a neutral site since 1965. Air Force beat Army 14-3 at Soldier Field.

The game was originally scheduled to be played Nov. 3, 2012 at West Point’s Michie Stadium, according to Air Force’s sports web site. It is not clear if the date will remain the same for the Yankee Stadium game.

Army will also play Rutgers in 2011 and Boston College in 2014 at Yankee Stadium, according to a source.

The Yankees have a press conference scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday to announce more college football games, including Army home games in 2011, 2012 and 2014.

Army senior associate athletic director Bob Beretta wouldn’t confirm the games.

“To make an announcement at this time would be inappropriate,” Beretta said. “We will have a major announcement on future games and sites Wednesday.”

Your thoughts, Eagles fans?

Like the move? Disappointed we are getting Notre Dame, Air Force, and Rutgers' seconds? Will the novelty of playing in New Yankee Stadium have worn off by 2014? What about the fact that a majority of you are - you know - Red Sox fans? How about the fact that we play in the Bronx before our I-90 rival, New York's College Team, gets to play there?

Your turn. Go.

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Raj said...

oooh i like. I'm picking out my seats right now. 2014 here i come.

And i dont think it will wear off, i just hope we have a qb- Rettig?

conlonc said...

Great idea. Although I do need to get to a game at west point eventually. Maybe this will shut people up about playing Rutgers.

If you're not first, you're last. OK Ricky Bobby, settle down. Who cares what number you are to play there? It's a fantastic idea and one that will fill the stadium. As long as I'm not 6 feet under, I'm there.

BCMike said...

Anything that brings publicity to the team and program is a good thing. We'll be rooted against, as most will be cheering for the armed forces team (as they should if they're not Eagles fans), but perhaps we'll get some favorable press from the NYC media. Not a bad thing at all.

Coast said...

I don't think this will silence any critics throwing out the "BC wants to be Notre Dame" arguments.

And why should people cheer for Academy teams by default if they're not cheering for the opponent? Guilt? Does it make someone less American if he doesn't root for an Academy sports team?

Raj said...

yes it does, turncoast :P

see what i did there.

Brian said...

This certainly won't silence the "BC wants to be Notre Dame" crowd, but I think that is mitigated somewhat by the fact that the Irish are ending the BC-ND series (and not us). Seems to put us in a position of power as opposed piling it on with "BC is discontinuing the Holy War because they can't take losing to ND" sentiments.

Also, the story about BC getting a game at Yankee Stadium over Syracuse is understated I think. For a program that is aggressively marketing themselves as "New York's College Team," it is pretty embarrassing to have BC and Rutgers play at Yankee Stadium before 'Cuse does. Probably the most important factor in Syracuse's slide into college football irrelevance is Schiano and Rutgers making recruiting moves in the NJ and NYC area.