Monday, July 27, 2009

Headlines: 2009 ACC Preseason Media Predictions

Brian: Despite never finishing worse than 2nd in the Atlantic Division over the past four seasons, and despite having won 2 ACC Atlantic Division crowns outright and sharing a third in our first four seasons in the league, Boston College continues to move backwards in the preseason media football predictions.

The 2009 Eagles were selected by the media to finish 6th in the ACC Atlantic as part of the ACC Football Kickoff festivities this week. Here is the complete preseason media poll results:

Atlantic Division

1. Florida State (56)
2. Clemson (14)
3. NC State (10)
4. Wake Forest (7)
5. Maryland
6. Boston College

Coastal Division

1. Virginia Tech (78)
2. Georgia Tech (9)
3. North Carolina
4. Miami
5. Virginia
6. Duke

First place votes in parentheses.

ACC Championship Game Winner: Virginia Tech (69 votes)

Is this new news? No, definitely not. Will this be used as bulletin board material? Maybe a little, says Matt Tennant.
"It's sort of the mentality that we have now," said Tennant. "Nobody is really counting us into anything, and that's fine. We'll talk about that at the end of the season."

Here's how the Eagles have stacked up against the ACC preseason media predictions from 2005-2009.

Eagles ACC Preseason Predictions and Results, 2005-2009

YearPrev. SeasonPlacePredictionFinishPlace
20059-3 (4-2)T-1st Big East2nd9-3 (5-3)T-1st
20069-3 (5-3)T-1st
3rd10-3 (5-3)T-2nd
200710-3 (5-3)T-2nd2nd11-3 (6-2)1st
200811-3 (6-2)1st4th9-5 (5-3)1st
20099-5 (5-3)1st6th??????


BCMike said...

Well, at least they're consistent with their lack of respect to our Eagles.

Listen, I know Herzy is gone for the year, and Big Mac might not be back until later in the season. I'm well aware that BJ Raji is not coming through that door, that Ron Brace is not coming through that door...

It's true was have QB uncertainty...but seriously, didn't we have QB uncertainty last year?

Weren't we going to be screwed without Matt? Or TOB? Or Kiwi? Or lucky scheduling?

Why do all of our players who go pro become immortal after they leave BC--providing clinical proof while BC will stink now that they're gone--but somehow "not that good" while they're here?

There's plenty of talent on the team. It's not as if we were blowing teams out of the water with our offense last year, anyway.

There's simply no way BC finishes last in the division.


Raj said...

I concur. Well put.

conlonc said...

Last year we technically tied for the division (for consistentcy sake if we tied for first in 2005, then we also tied in 2008). The only year we've won outright - without the help of tiebreakers - was 2007.

BCMike: While I agree with all your points and have been saying the same things to anyone who will listen, there certainly is the possibility that we come in last. Granted, it's nowhere near the lock that experts make it out to be. But to say the chance is 0% is a tad of an overstatement.

BCMike said...

Well, there's ALWAYS a chance. There's a chance that UCan't wins the MNC game this year...about the same that BC finishes dead last.

Anthony said...

In 2005 BC was in the ACC not the Big East.

BCMike said...

In 2005 BC was in the ACC not the Big East.

That was under "previous season". The table loops.

Lally said...

We could finish last... but I don't think it will be because we're terrible. the Atlantic division will likely again be a logjam and while 5-3 could win it, finishing 2 or even 1 game back of that could snag a share of last place.