Monday, June 1, 2009

Headlines: BC Done But Move To ACC Pays Off For BC Baseball

Jeff: BC baseball has been a topic of conversation for us over the last several months, because, well, um, there wasn't much else to talk about. BC is not a baseball school, we all know that. But this weekend we might have finally seen the best thing yet to come from BC moving to the ACC. Thanks to the strength of schedule of playing in the ACC the Eagles recieved an at large bid into the NCAA tournament. Meanwhile, the Big East only got their one auto bid. Sure, the Eagles might have won the Big East tournament to get that bid, but that's not something we can count on. The Eagles made as much noise this weekend or more than any other team in the field with their incredible performance against Texas Saturday night that unfortunately ended in a 3-2 loss but even got the attention of the Boston media.

There have been many critics about BC moving to the ACC.

Perhaps the Eagles could've headed to a BCS bowl last year had they still been in the Big East. Maybe the Big East is better in basketball than the ACC now.

That's what we've been hearing even though I am still a strong supporter of the move to the ACC and now we have one story of a team that went from nothing to a team on high school baseball players, and national NCAA baseball fans radars' this season and especially this weekend. None of which would've been possible if they were still in the Big East. Would the team have given Texas all it could handle had they not beaten North Carolina and Miami in the weeks leading up to that game? I doubt it.

Congratulations to the team for a great season. While Brian sits in a city where very few people if anyone knows the first thing about college baseball, I have been happy to show up to work where NCAA baseball is part of the cooler talk and BC has played its way into being part of the conversation this season.


Eagle in Brighton said...

Couldn't agree more: the move to the ACC has been fantastic for the baseball program: literally haven't been so proud after a BC loss as after we fell to UT (if that makes any sense).

No matter how you analyze it, the move to the ACC is a net positive: academically it's a much better match than the Big East (at least at the top, with Duke, Wake, UVA, UNC, GTech); financially it's been a boon; and provides more conference continuity across all sports, with increased competition in football/baseball, and perhaps a lateral move in basketball.

totheights said...

I was pissed right after on Twitter but after a day of thinking about it the loss, it was HUGE for the program. Everyone in the nation now knows and respects us which will be huge in recruiting and will help us compete in ACC baseball year in and out!