Friday, April 24, 2009

Vegas baby! Vegas! Open Thread

Why is Thursday the new Friday for the Big Finish, you might ask? It just so happens that BCI & Friends are headed to sunny Las Vegas for Brian's bachelor party. It is somewhat ill-timed, with the spring game and the NFL Draft this weekend and all, but it will be good to be back in Bat Country.

They're gonna give daddy the Rainman suite, you dig that?

In our stead, we offer you the following weekend assignment:

1. Leave us your thoughts about the spring game, "Matt Ryan to Tony Gonzalez" (sounds familiar), the NFL Draft or anything else on your mind.

2. Who should we throw some money down on to win next season's college football national championship? College basketball? That is, besides BC, of course. We just invite the self-deprecation.

3. Is there such a thing as a NFL Draft prop bet? If so, over/under on BJ Raji? 5?

4. Total dollar amount lost over the weekend per person? Closest to the pin wins.

5. Your lucky roulette number? #0 for Uka Agbai? #2 for Troy Bell/BRob/Ninja? #12? #22?

6. Rehashing the battle for Coastal supremacy - East coast vs. west coast. Better burger? Five Guys or In-N-Out?

7. ... or simply poke fun at Brian for taking the plunge in 6 weeks.

Use the comments section to complete said assignment. Here's to the weekend. Regular programming resumes Monday - or Tuesday - depending on the damage done.

Do you think we'll get there by midnight?
Baby, we're going to be up five hundy by midnight!
Vegas baby! Vegas!


Christian said...

#4.) $300.00. I figure I'm going to lose about $500, so that'll even out whoever wins a little.

Seriously... don't let me play roulette.

Adam said...

Going to vote In-n-Out. Doubly so if served Animal Style.

furrer4heisman said...


Brian said...

Adam - on a wedding diet, so I'll have to go Protein Style or even the Flying Dutchman, which I didn't know existed until just now.

Winfield Featherston said...

1) ATL is STOOOOOOKED for the Matt Ryan / Tony Gonzalez combo!

JB said...

1) Biggest key to the weekend in my opinion is impressing WR Shakim Phillips and the other big recruits who will be on campus. If we got Phillips to go along with Boisture, this would be a hell of a start, with a Top 40 and Top 80 player.

2) I like Texas to make a serious play for the title at 5-1. They are pretty loaded, and Colt McCoy (best football name ever) is pissed off.

3) There is every type of bet you can possibly imagine. If you can bet on Dancing With The Stars, you can bet on the NFL Draft. I like Raji in the Top 5 if you can get it.

4) I'm going to say that someone wins pretty big, at least 4 figures. And that it won't be Brian. Who would likely then bet the whole pile on BC to win it all at 100/1 anyway.

5) Please put a bet down on 29 for me. That's the # of TDs Boisture is going to throw next year.

6) Not really a contest, especially now that I know about this clandestine quadruple cheeseburger. Come on man, you can still squeeze into that fancy Brooks Brothers suit.

7) I wish you nothing but congratulations on the upcoming wedding.

Kevin said...

Five Guys is the burger in it's purest form.

And it's excellent.

Erik said...

Not that you can ever go wrong going anywhere in Vegas and I'm sure you have your spots, but Diablo's at the Monte Carlo is a pretty great setup for open air windows, lots of TVs with games, good Mexican food, h0t bartenders with fake jugs who spin the feel of deals every hour "Hey-O, $2 Tecates!" etc. Good place to regroup the troops mid-afternoon and get the ball rollin for the night

Raj said...

1. Matty Ice and Tony Gonzalez will now play pick up basketball games to build chemistry. I expect a total of 6 more throwing TDs this season for Matty Ice.

2. In terms of College football- Texas if you get decent odds. College basketball- look for duke to make a push.

3. push or under at 6.

4. per person i expect $425

5. there is no such thing as a lucky roulette number. Black or Red, only. Although i heard herzy and kiawanuka play 9 or 7.

6. 5G's all the way. In N Out i havent had the pleasure, but im sorry i just dont see you matching up.


JJ said...

If you are playing roulette on Saturday, the day of the spring game, put money on 31 in tribute to Jay McGillis' number.

Andy said...

Godzilla Burger is the best.


Have fun out there. You're money.

Anonymous said...

i saw shakim phillips at the game with 2 other guys on official visits. I don't know what he thought of the offense thoguh

conlonc said...

Spring game: ugh.

In N Out all the way to the B-A-N-K.

Andy said...

Raji to Packers. Great spot for him.

BCMike said...

Hope you guys had fun...I was at a bachelor party two weekends ago and a wedding last week.

Your livers can commiserate with mine.

Christian said...

So, post vegas and after having had both In-N-Out and Five Guys multiple times each within the past 6 months, I'm going to give the edge to five guys on this one. Granted my INO bun was too toasty for my liking, I just think FG is tastier (and admittedly probably more unhealthy). At least I don't feel like crap after eating INO, though.

And also, INO, what's up with having to always be located off a highway? Not fun to try to walk to when you have to cross busy highways at 1:00 AM. I think I almost died about 5 times Friday night.