Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Headlines: More ACC Spring Rankings

Brian: On Friday, we discussed this Bleacher Report list ranking the ACC football teams where BC ranked 10 of 12. Yeah, OK. Well here is another BR writer's take on the ACC power rankings after this weekend's round of spring football games.

12. Duke
11. Virginia
10. Maryland
9. Wake Forest
8. NC State
7. Miami (FL)
6. Clemson
5. Boston College
4. North Carolina
3. Florida State
2. Virginia Tech
1. Georgia Tech

Look any better? Jeff, your thoughts?

Jeff: This set of rankings looks much better to me. My biggest change is that I might flip North Carolina with Miami (FL). Also, there is no way to justify having Georgia Tech over Virginia Tech given how young Virginia Tech was last year, not to mention Georgia Tech lost several players.

Duke, Virginia, and Wake Forest should be at the bottom of everyone's rankings. As they said on the Tirico-Van Pelt Radio Show last week though, preseason rankings are worthless because last year Scott took the Lions in the NFL to make the playoffs!

Brian: Georgia Tech did lose a ton of talent on the defensive side of the ball but they return a wealth of youth and talent on the offensive side of the ball. Still, they got straight up punched in the mouth in their own backyard in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl against LSU, so you have to wonder how much better the offense can be, or if teams are starting to figure out Johnson's option attack.

The thing that stands out to me is that this is one of the first set of rankings that doesn't suck up to NC State and has them very much as a bottom-of-the-heap ACC team. Do you agree with this, or is this really the year that Tom O'Brien breaks through and has a good year with NC State?

Jeff: NC State should be middle of the pack this year. Last year they played some teams at the right times late in the year to barely make a bowl game. This year the Pack can go 7-5 or 8-4 and be 3rd or 4th in the ACC Atlantic division.


Raj said...

If Russell Wilson is healthy, watch out. But then again TOB will probably make sure his team is mediocre. So 8-4 is probably a safe bet.

The ACC and SEC Blog said...

I wrote the BR article you are referring to.

I put BC a spot or two ahead of where logic says because BC usually defies logic and finishes higher than most everyone says they will.

Regarding Georgia Tech vs Virginia Tech, I think it very close right now. You will hear it said many times "oh LSU showed everyone how to stop that offense"..but so did Gardner Webb in October and GT and Miami or Georgia couldn't stop it November. GT has 19 of their 22 starters back from the Chick Fil A Bowl. When GT and VT meet it will be for the Coastal.

NC State...I would put them higher if you could tell me Russell Wilson was going to be healthy all year.