Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jeff to Atlanta; Brian to ...?

Jeff: I'll be watching the game from home tonight as Mrs. Jeff and I don't head to Atlanta for the tournament until tomorrow. With Clemson losing this morning and Miami getting beaten badly by Virginia Tech, hopefully the higher seed will take care of business tonight and the Eagles will face Duke tomorrow night. The Eagles need to win tonight to avoid slipping into bubble talk. Going 1-2 (with the lone victory being by 1 point at home) against ACC non-tournament teams to end the season is not a good way to impress the committee.

Brian: I am flying to California tonight to work out some marriage paperwork or something (not entirely sure, I stopped asking questions a long time ago). So I won't be able to watch the game since it is on ESPN 360. So tonight I will be watching the second half of Maryland vs. NC State on ESPN on the plane. Then I will most likely stay on ESPN to watch the last Big East quarterfinal of the night with #3 Connecticut against #6 Syracuse. Of course, I'll have an eye on the bottom line checking the BC score.

Jeff: At least you'll be supporting the team in spirit tonight Brian. In my refusal to support BC athletics financially after the Jags incident I will be sitting in the NC State section tomorrow, section 133.

I of course am only kidding about not supporting BC financially. I was mad when the Jags thing went down but we all move on. My tickets were free.99 and originally going to be higher up in the Clemson section but the ACC moved everyone they could into the lower levels due to soft ticket sales, mixing up the fan bases of each team. With Clemson already out of the tournament, it will be a long drive to Atlanta tomorrow if BC can't get a win tonight.

Go Eagles!


BlockParty said...

we want your last names so i can facebook you... "mrs. jeff"

BCMike said...

Poor Mrs. Jeff...

How 'bout them Eagles!? Looked good last night.

Watching GT play, I am glad we did not face them again. If you want to talk about which conference is the strongest in the nation, you don't have to look too far. I'd match GT up against ANY conference's last place team. Try to tell me they wouldn't wax them right now.

Brian said...

At least the ACC bubble teams helped themselves out yesterday, with the exception of the Miami (FL) vs. Virginia Tech NCAA tournament elimination cage match. Miami (FL) probably had a better shot, but root for Virginia Tech to pull off the upset. The more teams in from the ACC, the better.

If 8 Big Ten teams make it in and only 6 ACC teams, I will be pissed. Those Big Ten teams beat up on each other, and didn't the ACC win the ACC-Big Ten Challenge for like the 10th straight year??