Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jeff's Initial Reaction to Spaziani Hire

Jeff: I am very disappointed in Gene, the athletic department, and Boston College today. If Frank Spaziani is the best choice for the job now, why was he not the best choice for the job a week ago, or two years ago? Spaz is starting to get up there in age which doesn't bother me too much ...

But what does bother me is that BC just paid Jeff Jagodzinski approximately $2 million to walk out the door and go find another job in the NFL or wherever he chooses. They did this seemingly because it is best for the program. If getting rid of Jags and promoting Spaz is best for BC, why did we bring Jagodzinski in in the first place? Why pay him to walk away? Why should I continue to support the program financially if money is going to be thrown around so carelessly in this tough economic time.

In the last two years, I have gone to both ACC Championship Games and sat in the most expensive seats that BC was selling to the game. Why? Why not just get extremely cheap scalper tickets? Because I wanted to support the program financially as well as emotionally. Well, I will continue to support the program in any way I can, but it will not be financially because clearly the football program does not need help in that way. I have been living in South Carolina for four years and have continued to purchase 3 season tickets in my name, but I will not do that anymore. When I go to games I will get extra tickets from friends, or buy tickets on eBay or stubhub for typically cheaper than face value. Gene has sent some messages in the past week and the one that I am getting loudest and clearest is that the football program does not need my couple hundred dollars for season ticket sales and an additional couple hundred for ACCCGs and bowl game tickets which they are required to purchase anyway. While I will continue to attend just as many games, I will go about purchasing tickets by whatever method is best and cheapest for me, without worrying about purchasing through the BC ticket office in 2009.

I hope Spaziani enjoys more success than Jags. I will certainly support him and the program, but as a fan, an alum, a Flynn Fund donor, and a season ticket holder, I will show my frustration with the program in my own way which will not be to not come out and support the players on Saturdays whenever I can.


BCMike said...

So...not a big fan?

I was hoping we could retain Spaz and bring someone else in to take us to the next level, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Clearly, the man wants to be here and likely wouldn't leave even if Jack Bauer had a gun to his head. The faculty, players, former players, and everyone that knows the guy loves him and is ecstatic he's gotten the job.

All we can do now is get on the Spaz Stach Wagon and hope we ride to glory.

TUM said...

Well, I've been a diehard BC fan since about the time that Jags was hired, so I'm incredibly disheartened to see Jags leave, and I believe that Gene took the worst possible moves not only with the "termination" of Jags, but the hiring of Spaz. I hope, for everyone involved in the programs sake, that Spaz can lead our program to the success it has seen in the past 10 years, and he can perhaps lead us to something Jags did not get us (keep in mind, he only had two years), an ACC Championship Title.

As always, I will continue to support BC as much as I can, being a 15 year old BC fan living in the state of Maryland, who has no relationship to anything Boston College related.

αἰὲν ἀριστεύειν!

Joe Bags said...

I can understand if you want to pass on donating to the Flynn Fund this year, I agree that Gene did a poor job handling this entire situation, but deciding not to attend games before Spaz has coached a down is a tad premature.

Jeff said...

Hold on. Let me clarify.

I will attend no fewer games next year than I did this year. I just no longer feel the need to support the athletic department by buying tickets through the ticket office.

Example: if we go to ACCCG again I will buy a ticket for $20 in the parking lot rather than for $125.00 through BC.

I have never previously purchased tickets to any BC sporting event other than through the BC ticket office because I have tried to support the program financially in that way. Not because it's the cheapest/easiest way to get tix to BC games.

Joe Bags said...

OK, I see what you mean.

Also, where did this $2 million number come from for Jags' settlement? That's the first I've heard of it. I don't even think that made ATL's blog.

Jeff said...

The $2,000,000.00 is my guesstimate. He was owed 2.4 but I'm assuming there was a settlement for slightly less. It's not exact, but I also know it's not too far off.