Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Finish

Brian: Although Gerbe did not take home college hockey's top honor, he was named the USA Hockey's National College Player of the Year Award. Nice consolation prize?

Jeff: If the Hobey voting hadn't started until the season was actually over he would've won that too. And being that he's already inked a pro contract I don't think he really cares about college accolades anymore. At least I wouldn't.

Jeff: Speaking of Hobey Baker winners, who will have a better pro career? Kevin Porter of the Coyotes or Gerbe on the Sabres?

Brian: Tough to say at this point but I think Porter gets the early edge because of his size, but I've learned to never count Gerbe out.

Brian: Clemson's Tommy Bowden just inked a new deal through 2014. If Clemson doesn't win the ACC this year, is he gone?

Jeff: No, Tommy Bowden is there to stay so don't bother starting any rumors.

Brian: If what you say is true, Jeff, chalk another up in the plus column for BC. I mean can Bowden ever beat BC?

Jeff: Last one, I'm still torn over what should be the away game that everyone should make a trip to next year but I am definitely leaning towards NC State, you agree?

Brian: Agree. Other than the season opener in Cleveland, which we both plan on attending, NC State seems like the best choice. The UNC game is sandwiched in between two games on the Heights that everyone must attend (Virginia Tech and Clemson), and the Florida State and Wake games are later in November and come after Notre Dame at home. Timing is best to make the trip to Raleigh in October in my opinion.

Poll Results: Food Chain Haters

Here are the poll results from our side bar poll - our readers' very own food chain of the schools that hate us the most. It comes as no surprise to us that the winner is the school that tries to deny that they even think about the Eagles at all.
  1. Notre Dame - 42 votes (56%)
  2. Boston University - 32 votes (43%)
  3. Connecticut - 23 votes (31%)
  4. Rutgers - 11 votes (14%)
  5. West Virginia - 10 votes (13%)
  6. Holy Cross - 8 votes (10%)
  7. Syracuse/Providence - 5 votes each (6%)
The reasons why the Irish hate on the Eagles are convoluted and complex, and will probably take multiple doctoral theses to fully explain. We here at BC Interruption can't fully explain the hate, but we sign off this week by offering up three reasons why the Irish love the hate. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Time: Take That, Tar Heels and Survivor Hottie

Get happy, Eagles!

Happy Birthday Bill Curley. Mr. Giant Killer, Curley is best known for knocking the #1 seed North Carolina Tar Heels out of the 1994 NCAA men's basketball tournament.

... But it was another senior, 6'9" center Bill Curley, who scored 10 of BC's final 11 points, spinning to the basket past Eric Montross and Rasheed Wallace. The game ended on a telling note: There was Wallace, a freshman who hadn't shot a three-pointer all year, trying to make a trey to tie the game against the Eagles, whose senior sharpshooters had wrung from that shot everything they could. Wallace's effort clanged off the rim.

On the Heights, Curley scored over 2000 points in his career, including 681 points in his senior season of 1993-1994 (5th best scoring season in BC history). His point total ranks 4th in school history, behind Troy Bell, Craig Smith and Dana Barros. #15 also was the Eagles leading scorer and rebounder for each of his 4 seasons at Boston College. Other all-time Eagles records held include field goals made (5th), field goal percentage (4th), free throws made/attempted (3rd), rebounding (4th), and games played/started (4th).

Curley would go on to be drafted in the first round of the 1994 NBA entry draft, #22 overall to San Antonio. His pro career limited by injuries, Bill made pro stops in 5 cities over 5 years - Detroit, Minnesota, Houston, Golden State and Dallas.

Also, a Happy belated Birthday to Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck also got a proper PTI shoutout yesterday from TK. Although I've never watched The View, we did watch Survivor: The Australian Outback while in school. She got robbed, finishing fourth in the 2001 edition of the popular reality tv show.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Five Good Minutes: Eagle in Atlanta

We welcome to the blog Bill Maloney (BC '98), the Eagle in Atlanta, for some five good minutes.

Brian: School is out and the summer is rapidly approaching, a time of year when not much is going on in the world of BC athletics. What story lines are you most interested to see unfold over the next three months?

  1. Who is Chris Crane and how good can he be? By all accounts Crane had a very good spring. That’s good news. The staff had some questions about his ability in the past. That’s bad news. I want Crane to be good. I don’t think he’ll be as dynamic as Matt. He just needs to be accurate and move the ball. What happens if he’s not? Can Davis or Boek step in a la Ryan and Peterson during the Porter years? I am optimistic, but it remains a huge question mark.
  2. Can our offensive line improve? Injuries, new scheme, and lack of depth led to an uneven performance last season. Even though we are replacing two starters, this season should be better. We need to run the ball and that starts up front.
  3. Was last basketball season an aberration? I knew we'd take a step back, but I was bothered by our inability to hold onto leads in some winnable games. The once reliable offense could not generate efficient possessions and the rebounding was suspect. I think we'll improve with the departure of Blair and Oates. However, if we struggle, who is the scape goat?

Jeff: For next year's football team, are you more concerned about replacing Matt Ryan or replacing the rest of the senior class?

ATL_Eagle: Replacing Ryan. Of the other seniors that departed, who leaves a hole? Silva? Ayers, maybe?

I am pretty comfortable predicting what Spaz’s defense will average over the course of the season. And if this unit proves to be an outlier to that pattern, I think it will be an outlier on the plus side of the Bell Curve.

Ryan has been the best QB in the conference for the past three years and the best BC QB since Foley. That is a big hole to fill. The good news is that the majority of our pass catchers are back. I also think we have enough talent arriving in the backfield to make up for the loss of Callender. The line should improve. That leaves QB. Crane has clearly waited his turn and is of the same mold as Ryan. Keep your fingers crossed that he’ll be good.

Brian: If you had to stop supporting BC football and were forced to root for another ACC football program, which team would it be and why?

ATL_Eagle: ACC teams…eh. I love being in the ACC but have no allegiance to any of the other programs. Since my formative sports fan years coincided with the rise and prime of the Miami Hurricanes, I have a special place in my heart for the thugged out legacy of the U. However, I can’t really get into the current ‘Canes. No Orange Bowl. No talent. No winning. The Florida International brawl made me laugh at the time, but swagger without skill is not endearing. Florida State – nope. The Tobacco Road schools? Not feeling it. Maryland and UVA leave me cold.

I guess it would have to be Clemson. Classy fans and a great gameday experience.

Brian: Well, as a proud season ticket holder, Jeff can get you Clemson Tigers tickets if you'd like.

ATL_Eagle: Truthfully if BC pulled a Holy Cross and decided to deemphasize sports, I’d just root for my other alma mater – Georgia.

Brian: Check back next Wednesday for five more good minutes with ATL_Eagle.

The Eagle in Atlanta blogs about all things Boston College athletics. His blog, is very popular with BC students and alum and has been going strong since December 2004.

Have something to say? Want to be featured on a future Five Good Minutes? Email us.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Headlines: Welcome to the Offseason

The long road to August 30 begins today

Brian: Jeff, now that Memorial Day has come and gone (and you can now wear these) and summer has "unofficially" begun, how are you coping with the lack of BC athletics stories?

Jeff: Well fortunately the days are longer so I can spend more time outside and not wondering if BC can somehow repeat as Atlantic Division champs this year. But while I am in front of the computer I am encouraged by the various recruiting articles I have read and am optimistic that we will have a top 25 recruiting class next year.

Brian: Here is one such article on BC's recruiting efforts. As much as I try not to get into the recruiting storylines, I am excited to see the type of talent Jagodzinski will bring in. I am also hopeful he will silence the critics that say that Jags only won with Tom O'Brien's talent and that the Eagles would have won the ACC title if O'Brien was still around.

Jeff: The Jags era will ultimately trump the TOB era at Boston College.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Is Gerbe The Real Deal? and the Big Finish

Jeff: I was out on the golf course yesterday with a former Miami (OH) and a former Denver hockey coach and they both agreed that Nathan Gerbe was the real deal and he would succeed in the NHL. I have no knowledge of hockey and should concede to their expert opinion but I am still not quite sold on why Gerbe left early and how successful he'll be in the NHL. Are you?

Brian: I completely understand why Gerbe left. He accomplished it all. National Championship, Hockey East Championship, Beanpot. I understand wanting to go out on top and taking your game to the next level of competition. And I don't think Eagles fans could have asked any more of the junior forward. I, too, am no hockey scout but I look at what Gerbe accomplished, especially late in the season, and I can't help but think that Gerbe is more talented and did more with less than Brian Gionta did in 2001. The 2001 Eagles team was loaded with talent and it seems like Gerbe (not withstanding some stellar goaltending from John Muse) put this team on his back. Apparently there is a chance that he could play for the Sabres as early as next year which is a pretty big deal. We'll also see how Gerbe performs against NHL competition this summer for Team USA.

Jeff: I would disagree that Gerbe didn't have some help on this team. I mean Muse alone was a lot of help. And maybe their road through the tournament was a little easier than the 2001 team had it. It's tough to compare so we'll never know for sure. I do wish him the best but am disappointed he didn't stick around for one more year.

Big Finish

Brian: Jeff, Joe Paterno is in my camp in favor of a playoff system for college football. He also mentions that he's only going to be the coach into his 90s! What's more shocking? That Joe Pa goes against the Big Ten or that he publicly stated he'll be coach until he's 96.

Jeff: Joe Pa is not retiring and he's been around long enough that he is bigger than the Big Ten so neither are shocking.

Brian: Paterno also coached Penn State for some 20+ years before Penn State joined the Big Ten.

Jeff: The AJC's Mr. College Football has circled November 1 as one of 5 games that will determine the ACC crown next year. Will you be attending?

Brian: If it's a day game (fingers crossed). I am running the NYC marathon the next day, and if its a night game on the Heights, I'm screwed!

Brian: Last one, I caught a foul ball at Yankee Stadium last night. First time I have ever caught a foul ball. We flipped it to some kid. Toss up - if you caught a foul ball, you keep it or give it to a kid?

Jeff: Brian, stop trying to win everyone over by pointing out what a great deed you did. Believe it or not, I would've done the same thing.

Brian: Just saying. The funny thing is we were just talking about having never caught a ball before it happened. If you've never caught a foul ball though, go attend a game in Miami or Pittsburgh.

Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Time: All Matt Ryan, All The Time

Happy Time, Eagles! Today's happys all go out to Matt Ryan ...

Reasons for Matt to be happy:

  1. Matt Ryan just signed the most lucrative rookie contract in NFL history
  2. Matt Ryan also now owns the state of Georgia ?
  3. Matt Ryan may have gotten his record pay day just in time as the NFL might abandon their CBA in 2011.
  4. Matt Ryan's birthday was last weekend which we failed to mention amid doling out all those haters (Happy belated Birthday, Matt!)
  5. Matt Ryan was named the #7 best player of the ACC's BCS era
  6. In the same article,'s Heather Dinich also listed the 14-10 comeback victory ("and Lane Stadium goes ... silent!") as the #7 best game of the ACC's BCS era

Also, a 'Happy' BC Interruption shout out to our resident Eagles in the NHL and BC hockey expert Christian. Christian and his band, Evil Empire (a Rage Against The Machine tribute band), played their first gig in Hoboken last night. I attended and can report that they were pretty awesome. Here's a pic of Christian representing the Eagles with his BC hat (special thanks to BC Interruption reader Elizabeth for the picture). The hat stayed on for all of 1.25 seconds before he was channeling his inner Zack de la Rocha while singing and jumping all over the stage.

We are hoping that Christian's new hobby doesn't take him too far from the blog as we are still waiting on his fifth installment of Eagles in the NHL which, by my estimation, should include the Pittsburgh Penguins' Rob Scuderi and Brooks Orpik as they are 4 wins away from winning a Stanley Cup. Just saying.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spend Matt Ryan's Money

All Eagles fans have already heard the news. Matt Ryan is a made man. The Falcons are throwing $72 million dollar at their signal caller of the future, $34.75 of it guaranteed! This leads Jeff and I to consider the following question ... what would you buy with $34.75 million if you're Matt Ryan?

The Matt Ryan Party Mansion?

A Crib

Jeff: There have to be some pretty nice houses in the Atlanta area and Matt will certainly be the proud owner of one of them. After his purchase though, he needs to buy out all of the the BC bookstore's photographs and paintings to help decorate.

Anything Peter King of wants

Brian: And I mean anything ... A double-double with cheese? You bet. A new Aston Martin? Sure. A romantic weekend at a Caribbean Sandals resort for two? Why not? With the retirement of his holiness Brett Favre, Peter King has no one left to slurp. What if Matt Ryan can fill the void left in the heart of the Monday Morning QB? Nothing would help Matt Ryan's pro career more than winning over King's affection.

A Shea Field tailgating spot

Jeff: Matt needs to come back to the Heights on his BYE week and catch a game and he needs to tailgate in style. During the rest of the season, I'm sure some of his family and friends would rather be doing some tailgating in Chestnut Hill than getting ready to head south and watch the Falcons play in the Dome.

The name of one of the new BC dorms

Brian: Forget tailgating on Shea Field, why doesn't Matt just buy a building on Shea Field? I want to see the senior class of 2015 stumbling home from the mods to Ryan Hall on Shea Field. Street address - #12 Edmond's Road. Heck, why don't we just rename St. Thomas More Rd. to Matt Ryan Way? I mean, if Doug Flutie can have Flutie Pass in Natick, I think the days of "St. Thomas More Rd." are numbered. "Ryan Callendar Pass", anyone?

Gifts for the offensive line and receivers

Jeff: They haven't done anything for you yet, Matt, but they will and they're going to have to. Kobe Bryant just bought all his teammates $9,000 watches for winning the MVP award. You need to win your teammates over quick so that you can live up to this contract you just signed.

What did we miss? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Poll Results: Undrafted Eagles on Sundays?

We all know Matt Ryan, Gosder Cherilus and DeJuan Tribble will be playing on Sunday. But what about those undrafted senior Eagles?

Our BC Interruption poll question: Which undrafted Eagle is most likely to play on Sundays? You - our beloved readers - answered: Safety Jamie Silva.

  • Jamie Silva (S) - 85 votes (44%)
  • Jo-Lonn Dunbar (ILB) - 53 votes (27%)
  • Johnny Ayers (PT) - 22 votes (11%)
  • Ryan Poles (OG) - 16 votes (8%)
  • Andre Callendar (RB) - 9 votes (4%)
  • Nick Larkin (DE) - 4 votes (2%)
  • L.V. Whitworth (RB) - 1 vote (0%)

Best of luck to all our senior Eagles in their future endeavors.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Headlines: Cleveland Rocks and ACC Bowl Reshuffling

Brian: Jeff, did you know that our season opener in Cleveland against Kent State is a "bowl game?" It's the second annual Patriot Bowl! Now my question is if we lose, what happens to our nation-leading bowl winning streak?

Jeff: First of all, not like we are in jeopardy of losing to Kent State under Coach Jags. Our defense this year is not going to let us lose games to teams we shouldn't. And TOB's overly conservative play calling is no longer plaguing our team. Secondly, no, our streak is post-season bowl victories. A lot of teams play "bowl games" with rivals and other teams throughout the season. Remember the Kickoff Classic at the Meadowlands? That was a "bowl."

Brian: My boy, John Swofford, announced that the ACC is severing ties with the Humanitarian (nee MPC Computers) Bowl in Boise, Idaho. The conference will look to the newly created Congressional Bowl (in Washington, DC) and the January GMAC Bowl in Mobile, Alabama to fill the void. Good move for the conference?

Jeff: Geographically this is a great, great move that I wish could've happened immediately following the Boise Bowl game a few years back. The only reason I am not too excited about it is that Navy has already signed a contract with the Congressional Bowl and I really don't get too excited when we play Navy in the post season as we did in the Car Care Bowl when Aponovicious hit the game winning field goal. I would love to see the GMAC bowl replace the San Francisco Bowl also but playing a Pac-10 team is better than a C-USA team so I am a little torn.

Brian: Well, I agree that severing ties with the the Humanitarian Bowl is a great move for the conference. Although I'm a little concerned that the ACC is sending another team back there at the end of this coming season. If its the Eagles, I may shed man tears. I would not advocate also jettisoning the San Francisco Bowl for the January GMAC Bowl. As you said Jeff, playing the Pac-10 is a lot better than playing a C-USA opponent. The January bowls with no history seem to be a joke (see: the International Bowl? the GMAC bowl?), and I just can't imagine spending the new year in Mobile, Alabama. We had a great time spending the holiday in San Francisco to see the Eagles beat Colorado State. I'd much rather continue the conference's relationship with San Francisco than Mobile.

Jeff: Have you been to Mobile? Give it a chance. But I do kinda agree with you, if San Francisco continues to have a bowl and wants the ACC there, then why not?

Brian: Finally, the NCAA sent out a letter to bowls stating that even though they have certified 2 new bowls, bumping the total number of bowl slots to a ridiculous 68 teams, the new certifications don't guarantee that enough teams will be bowl-eligible. Then what was the NCAA thinking adding two new bowls and providing bowl slots for 57 percent of all D I-A teams?!

Jeff: I don't know what to say about this one. I agree, what were they thinking? I would have no problem having all these bowls if there were no conference tie-ins, or not none, but fewer, like if the ACC only had 4 or 5. Then all those lower bowls would be fighting for teams that make sense geographically and provide a good matchup. Ultimately, the shittier locations would be left hanging in years that there are not enough eligible teams.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thoughts on ACC Football and the Big Finish

Brian: Because it's never to soon to discuss college football. Jeff, The News & Observer's ACC NOW blog predicts another rough season for the ACC. Is the conference headed in the wrong direction for football? And what teams do you look to to change the national perception of ACC football?

Jeff: I hate to say it but I think the reputation of the ACC next year rests on Tommy Bowden and Clemson's shoulders. Clemson is going to get a lot of press preseason with the returning trio of Harper, Spiller and Davis. Add to that another top 5 recruiting class and expectations for Clemson are finally high again on a national level. (Clemson fans think they have a shot at a national championship every year.) If Clemson can put together a 10-2 or 11-1 regular season the ACC will have a team in the top 5 or 10 nationally all year. And the reputation of the league will really depend on whether or not the BCS bowl representative can get a win. And very simply Clemson has the best chance of doing that because of their talent level and Virginia Tech couldn't get it done last year so no reason to think they can this year. If the ACC can't get a BCS win this year, they need one real soon.

Brian: Gah. Typical homer pick from Jeff. What about Boston College? This blog post cites Virginia Tech's 42-11 record since joining the conference and its ability to beat up on the lowly Coastal division. BC has quietly gone 30-9 (16-8) over our first three years in the league. Plus we have to go through the best team in the league every year (Virginia Tech) and miss out on beating down on Duke and North Carolina every year. If BC can put together another ~9-4 season this year, we have to be looked at as one of the premiere teams in the league, no?

Jeff: Brian, that wasn't a homer pick. Clemson is going to be the highest ranked ACC team in the preseason poll this year. The ACC needs to win a BCS game to help the perception of the conference. So I would agree that BC is one of the top teams in the conference since joining the league but a 9-4 record is not taking them to a BCS game and therefore does not really help the national perception of the conference.

Brian: Well, you could have gone the other way and said a resurgence from Miami or Florida State would best help the perception of ACC football and you didn't. I agree that this is the year for Clemson to lose the conference (again), and I'm sure Tommy Bowden will figure out a way to screw it up. And I think the window is closing for Clemson. Looking beyond this year, the only thing that will help change the perception of ACC football is a) ACC teams winning bowl games and b) an about face from both Miami and Florida State. As I have argued before, the ACC doesn't help themselves by not putting the best teams in the best bowls (see: a BC win in the Champs Sports Bowl, a Clemson and Virginia loss in their bowls). And even if Boston College were to go 10-3 or 11-2 the next three years straight, there would still be naysayers about the Eagles and about the conference. The ACC needs Florida State and Miami to be dominant again.

Jeff: Clemson is the conference's best chance THIS year.

Big Finish

Brian: ACC brass and coaches rejected the proposal for a nine-game conference schedule. The current arrangement runs through the 2010-2011 seasons. You surprised?

Jeff: Not at all. It will happen eventually though.

Jeff: 2008 pre-season NIT lineup rumored to be BC, Cornell, St. John's and Loyola (Md.) in the BC site. BC makes it through the opening round and will be playing in the semifinals at the Garden, right?

Brian: Yes, given that lineup I would expect the Eagles to be playing at MSG with me in attendance. If the Eagles can get to NYC, it would be full circle for Tyrese Rice as I saw him at MSG as a freshman against Michigan State in the Jimmy V Classic. He was pretty raw and inexperienced and threw up some ugly 3 point attempts in that game.

Brian: This LSU site condenses all of the meaningless preseason college football polls. ACC teams included are #9 Clemson, t-#16 Virginia Tech, #23 Wake Forest and #27 Florida State. Surprised again no love for a certain football team that finished in the Top 10 last season?

Jeff: No. But notice Clemson is top 10.

Brian: That's because it's May and not November for Tommy's Tigers.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Write-In Hater Vote: The Bonnies?

Justin: I am going to throw out a surprise write-in vote for the Haters Food Chain: St. Bonaventure.

Brian: What??

Justin: I have been going to the same dentist my whole life and he is an alum. For the last 9 years, all he does while drilling into my teeth is talk all kinds of crap about how BC sucks and we are overrated.

"The Bonnies are taking you down this year man! They are taking you down! The Eagle is not going to be flying on the court!"
(6 months later)

"That was such luck in February! We never get calls in Conte! Wait until you see this point guard recruit we got coming in from JUCO! He has NBA range!"
(6 more months)

"Down year for the Big East! A-10 is the new East Coast power conference in hoops! The tide is turning!"

I don't have time to go into his dissertation after we left for the ACC (during a root canal!), but this guy is truly, TRULY convinced that the Bonnies are one of our chief rivals. Maybe that doesn't make them Top 5, but I see them squeaking in as an Honorable Mention.

Andy: Sounds like you have to find a new dentist.

Brian: What's your dentist saying these days? St. Bonaventure managed to finish even worse than Boston College this year in men's hoops. 8-22. Ouch.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Food Chain: Haters

In hopes of starting an interweb flame-fest between the schools that hate us, this week's food chain:

Top 5 non-ACC schools who drink haterade on Boston College

Don't hate the Eagle, hate the game.

I'm sure these schools have nothing against Boston College personally, but sometimes college athletics seem to bring out the best (worst?) in a small minority of fans. Let us evaluate the merits of each of these school's fan bases to determine the pecking order of most hateful. For this exercise, we have brought in BC Interruption fill-ins Andy and Christian and newcomers to the program Raj and Justin.

Connecticut (UConn)

Brian: First, they don't want to have anything to do with us, try to sue the pants off us, then they are practically begging us to play them in football. Lots of BC fans have a bitter taste left from playing at UConn in football in 2003. And they must really hate us if Jeff is advocating for us beating them down in football yearly.

Jeff: Uconn is a school with great basketball tradition whose students and fans have a mindset that BC cannot compete with them on the court. In football though they are a relatively new program but their arrogant fans expect their team to start being a perrenial top 25 team and routinely finish ahead of BC in the polls. Oh, and yeah, every Big East team hates BC for leaving the conference. They don't hate Miami or Va Tech because they dominated football, only BC.

West Virginia

Andy: Apparently they don't like us?!

Christian: Dude, I can't tell if that's a rip on us or Ben Affleck. Either way, neither should be made fun of. "Affleck was the BOMB in Phantoms, yo!"

Justin: PHENOMENAL movie quote. "What the F is the internet?"

Holy Cross

Raj: What was once a basketball powerhouse has now taken a backseat to every school in Massachusetts. The religious affiliation takes it to a higher level. Although I would say we are heads and shoulders above them, our basketball games can be considered instant classics. And I'm not trying to start anything but Uka Agbai's mysterious neck injury came at Holy Cross. Only true haters hurt Uka Agbai.

Brian: Two words. Sports. Guy. Get over it. Dude's been taking pot shots at BC for years.


Jeff: Rutgers and BC don't have a lot in common re: athletics and academics and Rutgers students are in denial about that. They are another extremely bitter Big East school but that will fade over time. If we don't start playing Rutgers in something soon, BC will be forgotten about in the minds of the Rutgers fan base.

Raj: Their AD was the one who led the case against BC leaving the Big East. I think the cause of action was being better in every sport including men's soccer.

Boston University

Raj: I threw this in for the simple fact they are the only other Boston school that matters in hockey and drinking. They hate on BC because we are the closest school to them. Fiercest rivalry in hockey, again, stemming from the proximity.

Andy: Raj's reason's are spot on. Proximity. Our girls are better looking. They wish they had a Dust Bowl.

Christian: Two words. "Safety school." OK, two more words. "BC rejects." They're bitter. Enough said.


Raj: Quality school but just need the hate. We hate on them and as a result its retaliation. They ruined our final years in Big East football and enjoyed doing so. Their basketball program is annoying and I think we really pissed them off storming the court after we beat them freshman year. I'm just saying.

Brian: I don't know if Syracuse would be on my list anymore, if only because they've made their football program irrelevant in past years. Other than upsetting Louisville and exposing one of the most overrated programs of the last decade. Brian Brohm can't hold Matty Ice's jock. I'm just saying.

Jeff: Every Syracuse fan I've come across says that they had the opportunity to move to the ACC but turned it down and then BC got invited instead. False.


Andy: More BC rejects than any other school.

Brian: Ouch. Real reasons: the only fellow Big East conference member who also is a member of Hockey East. We have a great rivalry with PC in both hockey and basketball. Providence is a similar school to BC with a religious affiliation and we are practically in each other's backyards.

Notre Dame

Andy: Their students insist there is no rivalry. Denial is a dangerous thing. BC undefeated since a certain group of Eagles moved into Duchesne West. Fans hate us because they show no respect.

Jeff: Notre Dame fans have been denying that there is a rivalry for years and years and its sad. Finally they are starting to come around because of our recent dominance in the football series but there are still too many doubters out there. The hottest ticket at BC this season will be the Notre Dame game and when thousands of BC students make the trek to Sound Bend for the game it has the perfect makings of a rivalry. Not to mention all the upsets BC has had over them in football and then Notre Dame handing BC their first basketball loss when the Eagles started the season 20-0.

Brian: The Irish love to hate. The rivalry was only strengthened by the NCAA men's ice hockey national championship.

Brian's Food Chain

5. Notre Dame - They have cute nicknames for us like "Backup College" and "Fredo." If there isn't a rivalry and no hate, why are you spending all this time coming up with nicknames for us?
4. West Virginia - the Mountaineers took pleasure in bouncing the #1 seeded Eagles from our last Big East men's bball tournament and take pleasure in making fun of Ben Affleck
3. Connecticut - UConn football aspires to the level of BC
2. Rutgers - we made them look pretty silly in football during our years in the Big East
1. Boston University - 2 NCAA Titles in 7 years, it must just eat them up inside. They can have the Beanpot

Jeff's Food Chain

5. West Virginia/Rutgers - the only other remaining football and basketball Big East schools
4. Connecticut - only a 2 hour drive between campuses
3. Syracuse - they wish they were in the ACC and a football series is starting up again soon
2. Boston University - the close proximity makes it a natural hatred
1. Notre Dame - you can even look up the BC-ND rivalry on Wikipedia. And there are many similarities between the schools as far as academics and size so many students apply to both out of high school

Leave your comments, proof of the hate and/or your top 5 in the comments section.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Headlines: ACC Football to Move to 9 Games?

Life is tough as an ACC official as ACC brass meet today in Amelia Island, Florida.

Brian: The ACC spring meetings begin today in sunny Amelia Island, Florida. Previously discussed on this blog is a proposal on the table to move the men's basketball conference schedule from 16 games to 18 games. Also on the table is an ACC football proposal to expand from an 8 game conference schedule to 9 games. Let us today consider the football proposal. Currently, only the Pac 10 plays a 9 game, round robin conference schedule in football. Jeff, your thoughts?

Jeff: Well I think you already know my opinion on expanding the ACC basketball conference schedule. I like it. There are plenty of meaningless out of conference games in the basketball season that I would be happy to see go. The ACC is NOT going to stop the ACC-Big Ten Challenge or any similarly lucrative out of conference matchups. So I am all about expanding the basketball schedule and getting 2 more teams that you play within the conference in a home and home series each season.

Football is a different animal though. Nine games is still not enough to play everyone in the conference every year so I don't see a ton of value in it. I think having nine conference games would almost force DeFillipo to schedule more MAC teams or other easy victories without 2 optional out of conference games assuming that the BC-Notre Dame series continues. I do not see that as a good thing. I want to see BC play USC or another PAC-10 team, Big Ten or SEC team each year. And I would think you can throw my idea of BC playing UConn every year in Foxboro out the window if the ACC goes to 9 conference games in football.

Brian: I also don't think that the ACC will move to 9 conference football games. A ninth game would only be another home game every other year for teams. So while the 9 game slate is touted as saving money and making scheduling easier for the teams in conference, some years it would take away from that lucrative 7th home game for ACC teams. Plus, as you mention Jeff, if ADs were given one less out of conference game to schedule, it's likely that the matchups piting major BCS teams together would suffer in favor of games against lesser competition. I can't see Clemson scheduling SEC rival South Carolina and Alabama in the same season over Furman, Coastal Carolina and other non-BCS schools. ADs will look to pad their resume with wins and will most likely be more reticent to schedule more than 1 blockbuster BCS matchup a season.

Jeff: I didn't say that I don't think the conference will move to 9 games, but I don't want them to. Ultimately, I definitely think that the ACC will move to 18 conference games in basketball and I would guess that football has about a 50% chance to move to 9 games.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Poll Results: Favorite Memory from 2007-2008

Here are the poll results from our side bar poll - Favorite Memory from 2007-2008 season? The Miracle in Blacksburg was the winner going away, followed by a BC hockey victory over the Fighting Irish for our program's third National Championship. BC's victory over Clemson for the Atlantic Division crown came in third place. There wasn't much to cheer about in basketball this year, but Rice draining 3s on the Heels did garner a few votes.
  • BC 14, VT 10 - 87 votes (55%)
  • National Championship - 51 votes (32%)
  • BC 20, Clemson 17 - 13 votes (8%)
  • Rice Drops 46 on Heels - 5 votes (3%)
  • Beanpot OT Winner - 0 votes (0%)
  • HE Semis OT Win over UNH - 0 votes (0%)

Friday, May 9, 2008

The News & Observer Loves Us ... and the Big Finish

BC v. Clemson Round 4. A sure loss for the Eagles?

Brian: It literally pains me when I think about how far away we still are from football season. But apparently it's never too soon for so-called experts and pundits to preview this coming football season. The News & Observer's ACC Now blog threw their hat into the ring and came out with their pre-season outlook on BC and Clemson yesterday. The preview says a lot of things we already know about the team (inexperience at the QB and RB positions and holes to fill in the secondary), but I was surprised to read that the Eagles "will be hard-pressed" to get to 6 wins on the season. Jeff, your thoughts?

Jeff: That's crazy! If we struggle to win 6 games that means that 7 of our opponents might beat us. I think we will win all four of our out of conference games, then win two ACC home games (likely Georgia Tech and Maryland) and then possibly win every game in North Carolina (North Carolina, North Carolina State, and Wake). Meanwhile we could easily win at Florida State too. Now I'm not saying that BC is going to win 10 games next year, but they might. And simply put a team that might win 10 games doesn't then instead only win 5. Our defense will be too good next year to not win 6, 7, 8 or more games.

Brian: Yes, I agree this is a little short-sighted. BC hasn't won less than 6 games since 1998 and have averaged 8.7 wins per season since. I guess we'll be in a position to surprise some "experts" again this season. Weren't we picked to finish last in the Atlantic last year by at least one of these experts?! Also what strikes me about this preview is that our home date with Clemson is chalked up as a "sure-loss." Given that we have owned Clemson over our first three years in the league and that Tommy Bowden will still be coaching the Tigers come November 1, can anyone really say this is a sure-fire loss? (And please put aside the soft spot in your heart for Clemson football)

Jeff: I can guarantee you Clemson fans aren't seeing that game as a sure-win. They think Tommy Bowden can't beat us. There is no sure fire loss on our schedule this year because the two best teams we'll play - Clemson and Virginia Tech - both come to Chestnut Hill.

Big Finish

Brian: Kentucky and Indiana hoops have reportedly offered non-binding scholarships to 8th and 9th graders. New trend for Skinner to pick up or mere absurdity?

Jeff: That is nothing all that new. Tyler King of Duke this year had committed to UCLA before he was in high school. It's stupid. It's just a verbal commitment. No, Skinner should not do that. How do you know what kind of student an eighth grader is gonna be? Shoot, these kids might have their own kids by the time their signing day rolls around.

Jeff: Sailing's Adam Roberts was named Sportsman of the Year. That's good, right?

Brian: I would say so. Adam won't get as much pub as much as, say, SI Sportsman of the Year Brett Favre, but still a pretty nice honor.

Brian: Last one, our sidebar poll for favorite memory from the 2007-2008 seasons closes today. Jeff, what was your favorite memory?

Jeff: Memories from this football season trump everything else in Boston College athletics this year. I'm torn but I'll go with the Clemson game. That was amazing.

Brian: I'm going to go with the Miracle in Blacksburg, a game you and I attended. 56 minutes of "why the hell did I drive the 8 hours from NYC solo to attend this game?!" and 4 minutes of rock 'n roll mixed with awesomeness. But it's a virtual toss up between this game and celebrating an Atlantic Division crown with Baldwin on the field in Death Valley.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Time: Adams, Gerbe and Hockey

Happy Time, Eagles!

Happy Birthday Grant Adams. Grant played wide out for BC football from 2000-2004 (a good four years on the Heights!). Over the 2003 and 2004 seasons, he was the Eagles leading receiver, including 52 catches for 745 yards and 3 scores in his senior season. Grant saw playing time in four bowl games (all wins), including the Continental Tire Bowl against North Carolina in his last collegiate game (5 catches, 53 yards, TD). Career line: 132 receptions, 1,983 yards and 13 touchdowns. Adams would sign a free agent contract with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2005 however would be released from camp that August.

Happy Trails Nate Gerbe. Although we’re sad to see Nate go, what more could we have asked from the dynamic Boston College forward? National championship, Frozen Four MOP, Hockey East tournament championship, Beanpot championship, Hobey Baker runner-up. Thanks for everything you did for Boston College and the hockey program, and best of luck on the Sabres.

Check out some of the highlights from this past season, many of which feature Gerbe. (Thanks to vinsanitybc for the link.)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Role Play: Gerbe, AJ, Jags, ACC Insider, Crane

It's Wednesday and you know what that means - time for a game of role play. And for all you people that found this blog by Googling the search term "role play," you are in the wrong place ...

Jeff: Brian, you are Nathan Gerbe. Not coming back for another year at the Heights? WTF?

Brian as Nathan Gerbe:
I was very torn on this decision, Jeff. But not really. I just felt that I had accomplished all that I had set out to do at Boston College. Frozen Four MOP, nation's leading scorer, Beanpot championship, Hockey East championship, National championship. What more could you have asked from me? Not it's time for me to take care of me and my own and for the Sabres to show me the money!

Brian: Jeff, you are AJ Brooks. Rumor is you want back into football, this time with Georgetown College (KY). Is your troubled past behind you and are you gonna tear up the NAIA?

Jeff as AJ Brooks: I am going to tear up the NAIA! I should've seen the field more at BC, but the coaches didn't like me. I got into one on campus fight and you think I have a troubled past? I bet half of BC students have been in some sort of late night altercation, but since I am bigger than most of those kids I have some idiot claim I assaulted him with a dangerous weapon, my shoe. I mean c'mon. Naturally the charges were dropped and I'm ready to move on and get 20+ touches a game at Georgetown.

Jeff: Brian, you are the spirit of Chicago White Sox's manager Ozzie Guillen channeled inside the body of Coach Jags. How do you feel about the Boston College – Notre Dame rivalry?

Brian as Coach Jags channeling his inner Ozzie Guillen: We've beat them 5 times in a row, and we're horse[bleep]. The Irish haven't won a bowl game since 1994, and they're the [bleeping] best. [Bleep] it, we're good. [Bleep] everybody. We're horse[bleep], and we're going to be horse[bleep] the rest of our lives, no matter how many times we beat down on Notre Dame.

We are the [bleep] of the Catholics. We're the Catholic [bleep].

/end exorcism

Jeff: I'm not exactly sure what you just said, but I take it you think we're better than Notre Dame.

Brian: Jeff, you are this ACC insider of The News & Observer. Again, no love for BC from a Carolina newspaper. BC projected to finish #10 of #12 in men's hoops next year. Go ahead, back up your outlook.

Jeff as ACC insider: Brian, where do you want me to put your beloved Eagles? First!? No. This is the ACC not the Big East, its not that easy. I do expect your team to be better than last year hence I bumped them up from their last place finish in 07-08. If Spears had stayed I might have moved them to the middle of the pack but they are going to struggle down low this coming season defending some of the ACC's athletic big men.

Jeff: Brian, you are Boston College QB Chris Crane. Are you pissed or pleased that you are "decent" according to Diana Nearhos of the Heights?

Brian as Chris Crane: Decent?! I'm pissed. Look, I know I'm not going to be great. I have big shoes to fill. Matt Ryan was a football stud and was just selected as the highest NFL draft pick to ever come out of BC. A tough act to follow for sure, but unlike my competition, I have seen some action as the Eagles signal caller. How many touchdowns Matt Ryan score in the Blacksburg downpour? 2? Oh, I just had 3 touchdowns and 2 on the ground in similar, miserable playing conditions. I'm not just going to be decent. To steal a line from Coach Jags, I'm gonna win, and I'm going to look good doing it.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Headlines: ACC Hoops to Expand to 18?

Brian: We are rapidly approaching the offseason for all Boston College athletics, a fact that saddens me greatly, so for our headlines today we discuss some ACC basketball news.

Jeff, John Swofford is lobbying for the ACC basketball slate to expand from 16 games to 18 games. With the expansion comes more television ratings and revenue and will add some more regular season rivalry matchups like Maryland v. UNC x2. The downside being less out of conference games, possibly a lower conference RPI (ACC was #1 last year), and fewer teams in the tournament.

Jeff: Don't jump to too many conclusions here with this. Conference RPI could be lowered if athletic directors schedule weaker out of conference games as a result of this move. Personally, I don't see an ACC team suddenly turning down a invite to Maui just because they now have two more conference games. Also, what conferences are going to jump ahead of the ACC in RPI? The Pac-10, Big East, and Big Ten have already made the switch so I am sure the ACC, SEC and Big XII are not too far behind. I would love to see BC play two more ACC games each year because we know their out-of-conference schedule is nothing to get too excited about anyway.

Mikey (dis)likes it!

Brian: The reason this works for the Pac-10 is that they have 10 teams, so a schedule of 9 games with home-and-home series is perfect. The mega-mega-conference known as Big East basketball has 16 teams so 18 games helps get in a few more rivalry games every year. I'm torn on this one though. Maybe 2 more games would have helped Virginia Tech get into the NCAAs this year, since they had 0 wins against the Top 50. And the added revenues are always good. But 2 less out of conference games might prevent BC from scheduling some of our local rivalries like UMass or Providence, or maybe even see the Big Ten / ACC challenge go away, which would be bad. Not to mention the coaches, led by the godfather of ACC coaches Mike Krzyzewski, hate the idea. Ultimately, though, for better or worse, I'd imagine the ACC, Big XII and the SEC will all make the move to 18 conference games.

Jeff: As of today, the BC baseball team is last in its division and the softball team is second to last in the conference as conference play wraps up. This bother you?

Brian: Not really. With the move to the ACC, I didn't expect our ball teams to be extremely competitive with national powers Miami, Florida State, Clemson and North Carolina. Plus I won't pretend to have superior analysis or insights about college baseball or softball since I know next to nothing about those sports.

Jeff: On Friday, the Eagle in Atlanta gave us some DAP and said that we are "funny." Did this surprise you as much as it did me? I mean, we do intend to bring some humor to our BC sports analysis but I thought our execution was only as good as Skinner's full court press break.

Brian: I think ATL thinks it's funny that you have a man crush on UConn. And I think that's pretty funny too. We should put it to a vote to determine once and for all who adds more humor to this site.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Fate of Skinner and the Big Finish

Brian: OK, Jeff, as part of his basketball season ending grade series, the Eagle in Atlanta gave Al Skinner a C-. That cool with you? Does cool Al get a pass, or are you firmly in the Fire Al Skinner camp?

Jeff: Hell no, I don't think Skinner should be fired! Those people are crazy. ATL's grade on Skinner's job this season was fair. He had more talent than other teams in the ACC yet they finished tied for last. Worse yet was the way they lost with so many turnovers. If your team sucks at least teach them to hang onto the ball and play hard. BC did not do that this year but Skinner is still great and can coach at BC until he decides to retire.

Brian: Wow. I am all about giving Skinner a pass this year and part of next year with all the new talent coming in, but giving him a lifetime free ride might be a little too extreme. If things aren't appreciably better in a year or two, it might be time to reevaluate.

Big Finish

Jeff: The Heights did a piece on end of season awards and gave John Oates The PSE&G Pure Electricity Award. Your thoughts?

Brian: The only thing John Oates lit up this year was the far right side of the Conte scoreboard - personal fouls. C'mon. You write a piece doling out postseason hardware and you have Matt Ryan, Tyrese Rice, Jamie Silva, Nate Gerbe ... and John Oates as the recipients?!

Brian: Boston College is rumored to have landed its first four-star recruit for 2009 in Dillon Quinn, a 6'6" 271lb. defensive end. Jeff, you impressed?

Jeff: Happy? Sure. Impressed? No. Jags is supposed to be bringing in some of these recruits partially because of the years of success TOB had before him.

Jeff: Brian, Swofford was one of the commissioners who proposed the Plus One system but it got voted down in the end. The Pac-10 and Big 10 got their way. Without bashing Swofford, who I know you loath, how pissed are you?

Brian: OK, so I owe Swofford a little bit of DAP for being a proponent of the system. But you know this outcome infuriates me. And how does Notre Dame get a seat at the table of 12?! Their program is becoming a shell of what it once was. College football remains the best collegiate sport with the absolute worst playoff system ... until at least 2014.

Brian: Last one, I saw Chris Rock last night at MSG and three nights ago caught a taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Toss up - who's hosting your Academy Awards? Chris Rock or Jon Stewart?

Jeff: I gotta go Chris Rock but you can't go wrong with Jon Stewart either.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Time: Patrick Eaves, 85 Draft Class, BCS and Ivan Caesar

Thursday = Happy Time, Eagles!
Thursday also = May Day, a.k.a. International Workers' Day. For those of you residing in the more socialist reaches of the planet, enjoy the day off work. And be happy that you aren't stuck in a cubicle like me ...

Happy Birthday Patrick Eaves. The right winger currently plays for the Carolina Hurricanes, after being traded earlier this year from the Ottawa Senators for Cory Stillman and Mike Commodore. Pat was a member of the Eagles from 2002-2005, tallying 47 goals and 60 assists over his three year career. After his freshman year he was drafted by the Sens with the 29th overall pick (1st round). Patrick's brother Ben played for the Eagles from 2000-2004 and currently plays professionally in Finland. Patrick and Ben's father, Mike Eaves, coaches the University of Wisconsin's hockey team - a team Eagles fans are all too familiar with.

(Leave your humorous caption to the picture above in the comments section below.)

Happy Anniversary to the 1985 Boston College NFL draft class. On this day 23 years ago, 5 Eagles were drafted on the second day of the draft. Who were those Eagles? WR Gerard Phelan (4th round, 108th overall to New England), G Mark MacDonald (5th round, 115th overall to Minnesota), QB Doug Flutie (11th round, 285th overall to L.A. Rams), RB Steve Strachan (11th round, 303rd overall to L.A. Raiders) and Todd Russell (12th round, 317th overall to Philadelphia Eagles).

Five draftees is a significant number of picks from BC, but doesn't come close to the 9 Eagles that were drafted in the 1974 draft that included Kansas City G Tom Condon (10th round, 250th overall). You may know Condon now as the superstar sports agent who represents fellow BC Guys Matt Ryan and Mathias Kiwanuka in the NFL.

Happy Trails to the BCS Plus One System. The 12 Angry Men really like to push my buttons. The 11 conference commissioners and Notre Dame's AD voted decidedly against any Plus One or Final Four system for the top 4 highest rated BCS teams at season's end. So we're stuck with the same broken system we currently endure until 2014. Not to mention we get this gem of a sound byte from ACC commissioner and BCS chairperson John Swofford:

"The BCS is in an unprecedented state of health."
Yep, this is the guy who runs our conference. Just saying. Big BC Interruption DAP to SEC Commissioner Mike Silve for sticking his neck out there and lobbying for a much needed fix to the system.

Also, a melancholy Happy Trails to Ivan Caesar. Caesar was shot and killed in his Orlando home on Sunday at age 41. Caesar was a linebacker at Boston College from 1987-1990, and later went on to play one season with the Minnesota Vikings. The Eagle LB also made Arena league stops in Tampa Bay, Portland and Milwaukee. We send our best to Caesar and his family.