Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Headlines: The Bowl Picture Clears

Brian: The dominoes begin to fall in the annual ACC bowl selection beauty paegeant:

Your thoughts? Take it to the comments section.


johnoatesforthree said...

IF we lose, nashville isn't a bad place to fall to. I think it'd be a fun place to go see a bowl

furrer4heisman said...

Oh no. Oh hell no. Oh please God no. Anywhere but Nashville. Please? I absolutely hate that city. Please? I would seriously rather go to Boise. I'm really not kidding.

We better beat you guys Saturday or I'm going to be epically pissed I have to drive to Nashville.

BCMike said...

I wouldn't mind Nashvegas...but facing a 6-6 Vandy team is an even bigger pimp slap than the 7-5 Michigan State team we got last year in the Chumps Bowl.

Raj said...

positive thoughts. I love me some oranges.
Also, dont go booking any travel till the clock strikes 0:00 on Saturday. If you do, you will be solely blamed for any bad karma BC has.