Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Time: Silva, BC Hoops and Herzlich

Happy Time, Eagles!

No BC birthdays today, so we wish a Happy early Birthday to Jamie Silva (December 14). The All-American Eagles safety was last spotted playing for the Indianapolis Colts special teams unit. He has recorded 10 tackles (8 solo, 2 assists) on the year. His first tackle came back on September 21 in a game against Jacksonville. Last year for the Eagles, Silva recorded 125 tackles (82 solo, 43 assists), 8 interceptions and was named a finalist for the Jim Thorpe Award (top defensive back).

Happy Anniversary to the BC men's hoops team. On this date four years ago, you outlasted our green line rivals Boston University on the hardwood, 80-74. The Eagles were led by their trio of California kids - Craig Smith and Sean Marshall led the way with 19 each and Jared Dudley chipped in 17. The win pushed the Eagles to 7-0 on the year, en route to a record 20-0 start to the 2004-2005 season. The Eagles finished the year at 25-5, exiting the NCAA tournament in the second round after earning a No. 4 seed. They were served up an upset loss to Bruce Pearl's #12 seeded Wisconsin-Milwaukee squad in the Round of 32 83-75. BC Guy Pearl parlayed Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Sweet 16 appearance with a job offer from the Tennessee Volunteers.

Happy Trails to some postseason hardware for BC linebacker Mark Herzlich. While Herzlich was named the ACC Defensive Player of the Year, he finished 5th in voting for the 2008 Butkus Award. Wake Forest senior Aaron Curry won the award given to the country's top linebacker. Huh?

OK, well at least Herzlich won ACC Defensive Player of the year as part of Gobbler Country's ACC blogger awards, right?

ACC Defensive Player of the Year

Macho Harris, CB, Virginia Tech: In our closest vote, Harris claims the conference's Defensive POY by a single point over Florida State's Everette Brown. All of Harris' points came from the four first-place votes he received. He finished T3rd in the conference in interceptions with six, including two returned for touchdown.

Now I could understand Everett Brown over Herzlich (this is, after all, how we voted), but Macho Harris? I mean, his 6 INTs and 2 touchdowns were cute and all, but he's a cornerback. Isn't that what cornerbacks are supposed to do? Our linebacker matched Harris' 6 INTs and 2 touchdowns and doesn't even play in the secondary. Oh yeah, and he has 61 more tackles. We demand a recount, or at least, a little more Atlantic Division representation!

Also, Happy Trails Jared Dudley, last spotted on a plane to Phoenix. Dudley was traded to the Suns along with Jason Richardson and a 2010 second-round draft for Raja Bell, Boris Diaw and Sean Singletary in a trade that seems to make 0 sense for Charlotte and (unfortunately) 0 sense for Dudley. Here's to hoping Dudley can see some PT in PHX.


furrer4heisman said...

We Coastal folk are just more willing to participate in group assignments.

None of the three NC State blogs, Old Gold and Blog (which has apparently gone the way of the dodo) nor Block-C answered the call. I sent out two E-mails.

Sadly, like with all elections, you can't make 'em vote. This is the blogosphere, not New Zealand.

Brian said...

I guess you Coastal bloggers are trying to block out these dominating performances ...

vs. GT - 11 solo, 2 assists, 1 TFL
vs. VT - 8 solo, 5 assists, 2 TFL
vs. UNC - 5 solo, 3 assists, 1 TFL
vs. VT - 5 solo, 2 assists, 1 TFL

I believe that's 3 tackles shy of Harris' season total.

furrer4heisman said...

Of course Macho isn't going to have very many tackles. He'd have to let the receiver catch the ball in order to make a tackle.

Brian said...

Who's the birthday boy? Jamie Silva? Wait, he had 125 tackles last year? And he played in the Eagles secondary?And Victor's excuse is ...?

furrer4heisman said...

So you're telling me Silva was really good at letting receivers catch the ball for 7-15 yard gains and then making tackles after the first down marker instead of either covering a guy well enough that he isn't thrown to or making a play that breaks up the pass? Oh, OK. Happy Birthday to him.

Christian said...


That's assuming the guy he was covering was the person he tackled... not necessarily true in all cases. It could have been another DB's blown coverage that led to a Silva tackle.

Brian said...

I'm still waiting to hear one objective measure/statistic that says Macho Harris was a better defender than Herzlich.

Fumble returns?
Passes Broken Up?
NFL draft status?

At least you can admit you are a shameless homer. I have to question if the other Coastal bloggers even watched the games.

Harris wasn't even the one of the Top 5 DBs in the conference. Smith, Goddard, Rolle, Barnes, Burnett all better.