Sunday, November 30, 2008

Preliminary Blogpoll: Week 13

Mailed in from an undisclosed location on I-95 for your approval.

Comments/suggestions welcome.

1 Alabama (12-0) --
2 Texas (11-1) --
3 Florida (11-1) --
4 Oklahoma (11-1) --
5 Southern Cal (10-1) --
6 Texas Tech (11-1) 1
7 Utah (12-0) 1
8 Penn State (11-1) 2
9 Boise State (12-0) 1
10 Ohio State (10-2) 3
11 Georgia Tech (9-3) 3
12 Cincinnati (10-2) 5
13 Ball State (12-0) 3
14 TCU (10-2) 4
15 Oklahoma State (9-3) 4
16 Georgia (9-3) 7
17 Boston College (9-3) 2
18 Missouri (9-3) 6
19 Michigan State (9-3) 4
20 Oregon (9-3) --
21 Pittsburgh (8-3) 5
22 Mississippi (8-4) 4
23 Florida State (8-4) 2
24 Virginia Tech (8-4) 2
25 Brigham Young (10-2) 1

Dropped Out: Oregon State (#15), West Virginia (#22), Northwestern (#25).

Welcome! Pittsburgh (#21), Mississippi (#22), Virginia Tech (#24)

Waiting Room: Oregon State, West Virginia, Northwestern, Iowa, Tulsa


Raj said...

BC doesnt jump Georgia? Show a little love boys.

Brian said...

Re: BC vs. Georgia ...

We probably have better wins (at FSU and Virginia Tech vs. at LSU and at South Carolina), but Georgia lost to better teams not named Tech (Bama and Florida vs. Clemson and UNC). Also, Georgia slight edge with SOS.

Plus if I'm flying all the way down to Tampa, I don't want to jinx this thing. See: week 2.

effay said...

-Standing objection to UT, but that doesn't really matter anymore now that the gods have spoken.
-I hate to say it, because I love watching them play, but I think GT should be below Cincy and OSU.
-I agree that BC should be above UGA. Their D is totally non-existent - GT scored more on them than on any other team GT has played all year (we're talking more than on Jacksonville State, Duke, Gardner-Webb...Gardner-Webb!!). If they get matched up with a top 20 team in their bowl, I see very bad things happening to them, although it looks like they will get lucky and only have to play Javon Ringer (who might still be enough).
-I think you should put Oregon State or WVU in for BYU. BYU got killed by the only two teams they played this year. They have nothing to offer.

Brian said...

Regarding a standing objection to UT: it's not about comparing head-to-head record since, indeed, it's a three-way tie and a circular argument.

it's more about using the head-to-head meeting as an objective measure of which team is better when it comes to ranking all three teams' seasons.


also worth noting that Texas would have won the tiebreaker in the other four FBS conferences with divisions (ACC / SEC / C-USA / MAC). don't blame the BCS, blame the Big XII for making a dumb tiebreaker.

i'm pulling for the Oklahoma-Texas rematch in Miami. Not probable, but plausible.

effay said...

I'm just going on the record Brian - there are legitimate arguments for all parties (well, not so much for Tech).

I too long for an OU-UT NC rematch - screw Florida and their home loss to Ole Miss. Compare them to UT:
*FL: wins over UGA, FSU, and Bama, loss to Ole Miss.
*UT: wins over OU, Mizzou, OSU, loss to TTU.

To me that's way more clear than the OU-UT debate.

-Contrary to popular opinion, I think the Big XII tiebreaker is more sensible than the SEC/ACC... one. I posted on it on my blog (sorry, I hate referring to my blog on other people's blogs, but I also don't want to type it all out again).

Jeff said...

I wouldn't mind seeing UT-Oklahoma rematch but would prefer to see the SEC champion play so that we can see a new matchup. Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State have only lost to each other this season but outside of each other Oklahoma is the only team with a good OOC win. Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Texas played no one good OOC. We won't really know until after the bowls if the Big 12 was any good this year. Outside of Oklahoma beating TCU and Cincy, find me some good OOC wins for the Big 12 this year. I don't think they exist but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Brian said...

The BCS was created to elevate the two best teams in the country to compete in a "national championship game" ... and to select matchups for the other four BCS bowls.

The BCS rankings shouldn't be used for anything other than the above-stated purpose. Hell, a coin flip (one of the last tiebreakers) would be more fair than relying on a rankings system that relies on human opinion.

That being said, the SEC, ACC and Big XII tiebreaker rules are inherently flawed.