Sunday, November 23, 2008

Preliminary Blogpoll: Week 12

We're still trying to process exactly what happened yesterday. In the meantime, here is our preliminary ballot. Thoughts/comments welcome.

Extracurriculars will be published along with our final ballot on Wednesday.

1 Alabama (11-0) --
2 Texas (10-1) 1
3 Florida (10-1) 1
4 Oklahoma (10-1) 1
5 Southern Cal (9-1) 1
6 Penn State (11-1) 1
7 Texas Tech (10-1) 5
8 Utah (12-0) --
9 Georgia (9-2) 1
10 Boise State (11-0) 2
11 Oklahoma State (9-2) 2
12 Missouri (9-2) 1
13 Ohio State (10-2) 2
14 Oregon State (8-3) 1
15 Ball State (11-0) 1
16 Cincinnati (9-2) 3
17 TCU (10-2) 4
18 Georgia Tech (8-3) 2
19 Boston College (8-3) 4
20 Oregon (8-3) 6
21 Florida State (8-3) 5
22 West Virginia (7-3) 4
23 Nebraska (7-4) 3
24 Brigham Young (10-2) 6
25 Michigan State (9-3) 8

Dropped Out: Pittsburgh (#20), North Carolina (#22), LSU (#24), Miami (Florida) (#25).


BlockParty said...

sorry brian, i will eat my words about the bci jinx. haden had a pretty decent game for us... didnt break out, but kept the chains moving. very serviceable.

keep up the good work guys

BCMike said...

I don't agree on Nebraska getting love here. They have one win over a team with a winning record this season, and that's Kansas at 6-5. The rest of the teams they've beaten have a losing record, IIRC.

Winfield Featherston said...

GT drops 2 spots?

BeantownBC85 said...

OU would smoke Florida out of the house I think, since that offense is so good. I mean Florida played Citadell ! What is this September or something?

The fakeIrish beat the real Irish today in chick's hoops, 100-50 I think. Too bad basketball wins won't get you a BCS birth.

Brian said...

BCMike - Nebraska will be redacted from the ballot, but we're holding an open audition for that spot. Who should we replace them with? 9-3 Northwestern? 8-4 Iowa? 7-4 Virginia Tech (who beat them)?

Winfield - Georgia Tech dropping is some strange side effect of Jeff and I voting separately and averaging out the two ballots. We'll adjust accordingly.

Other suggestions?

Raj said...

why no love for oklahoma? Brian just because you picked against them. Im just saying a beat down on the number 2 team in the country this late in the season deserves some love.

Drop em horns. Oklahoma has averaged 60 pts in their last 4 games. (this isnt basketball)

furrer4heisman said...

65-21, dude. 65-21. and look at the non-con schedules for ou and texas.

Brian said...

furrer - if you are arguing for Oklahoma over Florida, i'd listen ...

if you are also arguing for Oklahoma over Texas, i'm not biting. Texas over OU for all of the following reasons.

furrer4heisman said...

the hokies beat the yellow jackets. but i wouldnt say were better than them.

i know this has nothing to do with this week's blogpoll, but hypothetically: what would you do if ou posted impressive wins over oklahoma state and missouri the next two weeks?

Jeff said...

Let's compare Texas and Oklahoma.

Texas won by 10 on a nuetral site. Debate OVER.

But if that wasn't enough. Look who they played in the Big 12 north.

Texas played @Colorado, @Kansas, and MISSOURI.

Oklahoma Kansas, @Kansas State, and Nebraska.

BIG HUGE edge to Texas. Having to play Missouri in the regular season was a big disadvantage to Texas this year since Missouri is head and shoulders above anyone Oklahoma played in the Big 12 north or out of conference.

Oklahoma did play Cincy and TCU out of conference, both at home.

Oklahoma has not beaten anyone with a winning record on the road. BAYLOR is the best team Oklahoma has played on the road. This week they do travel to OK St which will be interesting to watch but it is going to take something real special for me to vote Oklahoma over Texas.

Texas should play in Big 12 championship

effay said...

-The whole head-to-head thing is a circular argument, so that doesn't work.
-If you cross-off TTU because they got beat so badly by OU, why do you not give just as much credit to OU for inflicting that defeat (on a team that beat UT two weeks ago)?
-I would hope that 65-21 would dispose of the whole home-field advantage argument against OU.
-The Mizzou vs. TCU and Cincy thing is pretty much a wash in my mind. By the way, Mizzou only beat that Baylor team you're doggin' on by a field goal with 2:30 left.
-65-21 against the #2 team in the country and Bradford only played 3 quarters!? That's got to easily be the most dominating performance in college football history against a #2 team. If that doesn't convince people, and I'm Stoops, I quit taking my QB out of games in the 3rd quarter and running the ball, and I start putting up 100+ on people.
-Brian, that article you linked to didn't even mention OU's epic victory over TTU in the "Victories" section, and it basically just regurgitates a circular argument. Hmmmm...

As for the rest of the poll, I think it's probably the best I've seen this week. I agree that Nebraska shouldn't be ranked though, but I'm not sure who to replace them with. Good calls on Oregon St., Cincy, TCU, and WVU. I think Ball State can always be lower, as I've said before, but I'll take 15th over some of these people that have them at like 10th. Oh, if you do put Northwestern in for NU (surely there is someone more worthy than NW), I would make sure to put them below Mich. St. One more little preference, could Georgia really beat OSU and Mizzou?

I don't really mind if you put UT above OU this week, but I hope you will re-consider if OU stops OSU (away!).

Jeff said...

I think Texas and Oklahoma are head and shoulders better than TTU.

Texas Tech beat Texas at home on the last play of the game after Texas had played Oklahoma, Missouri and Oklahoma State back to back to back.

The best team doesn't always win and the by far better team doesn't always win big(Missouri-Baylor).

If Texas gets left out of the Big 12 championship game I feel they'd be getting snubbed the way BC gets snubbed in bowls. Everyone seems to only remember what happened last weekend.