Monday, November 3, 2008

Preliminary Blogpoll: Week 10

We'll have some thoughts on the game either later today or tonight. Jeff is on the road back to South Carolina after making the trip up to Chestnut Hill for the game and stopping in New York to watch me run the marathon yesterday.

In the meantime, fire away. The deadline for feedback is Tuesday night (ballot is due Wednesday). We'll publish the extracurriculars - games watched, teams we disagree on the most, etc. - with our final ballot on Wednesday.

1Alabama (9-0) 1
2Texas Tech (9-0) 2
3Penn State (9-0)--
4Florida (7-1) 5
5Texas (8-1) 4
6Oklahoma State (8-1)--
7Oklahoma (8-1)--
8Southern Cal (7-1)--
9Utah (9-0) 1
10Boise State (8-0) 1
11Ohio State (7-2) 3
12Georgia (7-2) 7
13Georgia Tech (7-2) 11
14North Carolina (6-2) 7
15TCU (9-1) 2
16Ball State (8-0) 2
17LSU (6-2) 3
18West Virginia (6-2) 8
19Missouri (7-2) 2
20Brigham Young (8-1) 4
21Michigan State (8-2) 2
22Florida State (6-2) 10
23Maryland (6-2) 3
24South Carolina (6-3) 2
25Northwestern (7-2) 1

Dropped Out: Tulsa (#15), Minnesota (#19), Oregon (#22), South Florida (#25).


Gobbler said...

The pig farmers ahead of Oklahoma?! Ah! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Sebastian said...

TCU is stronger than some think, and if they can knock off Utah, which I believe they can, they should be in line for a nice January.

Of course, if they lose, delete this comment.

Brian said...

gobbler - we have Oklahoma State above Oklahoma in light of their performances against shared opponents.

1) Texas - the Cowboys went into Austin and hung with the Longhorns (lost by 4); meanwhile the Sooners played on a neutral site and lost by 10.

2) Baylor - OK State beat them by 28 at home and OU beat them by 32 on the road. Slight edge to OU on that one, but the other shared opponent carries more weight for us because, hey, this is Baylor.

They both have to play Texas Tech and each other, so these things have a way of working themselves out. This week though we give a slight edge to Gundy and co. because he's a man, he's 40.

furrer4heisman said...

Gundy's actually 41 now.