Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Headlines: Brian Finishes NYC Marathon

After driving 2,400 miles to watch the Eagles fall to Clemson Saturday, I am finally home and can update you on the other "important" BCI sporting event this weekend.

Like many other BC fans, Brian came up with an excuse Saturday to not go to the game. On Sunday he ran the NYC Marathon in a very impressive 3:58:49. I saw Brian at about the 23 mile mark and he looked like he was going to die. Fortunately though, he didn't, he finished, and he even found time to give the local CBS reporter an interview. Future Mrs. Brian also ran Sunday and she looked far better while running and I never feared that she might collapse or not finish.

I am impressed that Brian broke 4 hours and accomplished his goal, but just as we criticize Chris Crane, Brian could've done better. Brian went out too fast. He ran the first half of the marathon in 1:52:14, then slowed his pace considerably to barely break 4 hours. His average mile was 26 seconds slower after the halfway point than it was in the first half. Brian came in 10,058th place, but with a better strategy, could've easily came in 9,000th or better.

Most importantly, as most BC students have watched the Boston Marathon before and seen men run by with bloody nipples, Brian showed no signs on bloody nipples and suffered no other serious injury.


Raj said...

Brian you are in no way associated with Chris Crane.... good job on the sub 4 hour mark. Many beers await you.

Andy said...

I am impressed with anyone who can run 26.2. Good job

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

Being there on Sunday was awesome. Congrats Brian - looking forward to celebrating with you....and the missus ;)

BCMike said...

Congrats on not dieing. The blog wouldn't be the same without you.

Not necessarily better or worse, but certainly not the same. :)

Brian said...

I was very happy with my time. Things do get a bit more difficult after the first 21 miles.

I was just disappointed that I couldn't beat out Van Wilder.

cgb said...

Congratulations on finishing the Marathon. Most of us don't even like running to the bathroom.

ATL_eagle said...

Brian, you continue to make bad choices. You can run the NYC marathon any year. How often can you see BC comeback from 17 only to blow it on a kickoff?

Brian said...

atl - we lost because i didn't attend. i apologize to BC nation.

BC v. Clemson with Brian in attendance - 3-0

BC v. Clemson w/o Brian in attendance - 0-1

although, as you point out, i'm not too disappointed i stayed home for this one.