Thursday, November 13, 2008

Five Good Minutes: Tomahawk Nation

Today we welcome FSUncensored from the Florida State Seminoles blog Tomahawk Nation for five good minutes. In exchange, Jeff and I discuss BC football over on their blog.

Brian: Florida State is 7-2 but was saved by the bell against Miami and beat Virginia Tech by knocking Glennon and Taylor out of the game. Meanwhile they nearly beat Georgia Tech. Is FSU closer to being 5-4 or 8-1?

TN: 8-1. FSU dominated Miami up and down the field (28-17 1D Advantage, 40 minutes possession time, 11-17 on 3rd downs against 2-15) and Miami was extremely lucky to be within 2 points. On the other hand, Georgia Tech dominated our defense, scoring 31 points and averaging over 8 yards per play until their QB went out. FSU deserved to lose to GT as they were badly outplayed. As for VT, I could argue that knocking out Taylor was a bad thing, as the FSU defense was unprepared for Glennon. The offense hit some deep balls, however, and eventually put up 30 on Va Tech. FSU deserved to win that contest, 1st string QB or water boy. That leaves Wake. Due to the highly publicized suspensions, FSU was without 5 starters and had struggled mightily, losing 3-12. With a full compliment of starters, however, FSU is averaging 33 points in conference play. It seems to me that the Wake Forest game was an outlier and that FSU should be 8-1. With no lucky wins and 1 special circumstance loss (suspensions, which we brought upon ourselves), I think 8-1 is realistic. Now, if you had asked me 9-0 or 8-1, I would answer 8-1.

Jeff: In the brief recent history between these two teams, the road team has won every time. How worried are you this streak continues?

TN: I am worried that the streak continues, but I don't buy into the idea that the road team has some sort of advantage. I worry that the team will be distracted by their black uniforms, by off-field shenanigans, and that they might look past BC.

Brian: Are FSU fans thinking about booking hotel rooms in Tampa yet now that Wake Forest looks very capable of losing one or both of their final two games?

TN: I actually went on record the other day with a prediction that Wake would lose BOTH remaining conference games. The ACC does not want to see Wake in Tampa and have another embarrassing turnout. If the 'Noles take care of their own business, and improved NC State team or a disciplined BC team can take down Wake, all that pre-season Priceline work will pay off.

Jeff: Is this game a big deal down in Tallahassee, especially considering College Gameday is going to the other football football game in Tallahassee Saturday?

TN: I don't think the Gameday aspect matters much (the schools aren't close enough geographically). I do think people are forgetting about the actual game and are instead focusing on homecoming and the all-black uniforms. FSU fans currently view Wake, VT, Clemson, and Obviously UF as better home games. I hope the Noles take BC seriously. Still, every home game is a big deal in Tallahassee.

Brian: It wasn't too long ago that Florida State was the new kid on the block in the ACC when they became the 9th team to join the conference in 1991. Knowing how it feels to be the new kids in the conference, how is Boston College perceived by Seminole fans? Do FSU fans see us as merely northern interlopers, or do they embrace the addition of the ACC's twelfth team?

TN: Despite being a divisional opponent and having played 3 consecutive exciting games, I really don't get the feeling that FSU fans think about BC very much at all. The general consensus seems to be "Northern school. Strong. Well Coaches. Not Flashy. Not Quick." If you look at the teams we really care about right now, they are either traditional rivals or teams that have crawled under our skin (Wake Forest). BC doesn't fit either category and the distance between our 2 schools certainly doesn't help matters. As a side note, it seems like some players are at BC forever; maybe that is also distance related. I know that many fans enjoy the Boston trip, and personally I have a hard time conjuring up the hate for Boston College that I have for other schools.

Jeff: Admit it. You have a little soft spot in your heart for BC football given they paved the way for Florida State's first football national championship in 1993.

TN: Absolutely. I watched the kick again recently, and it was a pure miracle that he hit that long of a knuckleball. Nole fans are forever grateful to the Eagles for that kick.

Brian: Last one, make a prediction for this game.

TN: I hate to beg out of this one, but I must here. Yesterday, several FSU players were involved in a brawl in the student union. There are various accounts, the most credible of which seems to indicate that a receiver was sucker-punched. If this was self defense against the African American Fraternity who attacked the player, I seriously doubt the players will be punished. If that is not the story, however, there could be immediate fallout from this. I should know more tomorrow, and promise to chime in by early Friday at the latest.

Brian: Thanks for joining us!

For more on the Florida State Seminoles, go check out Tomahawk Nation.


BCMike said...

I'll admit I'm a little surprised that the FSU faithful doesn't seem to have much respect for BC as a big player. You would think embarassing them the last time they played dress-up for us would have done the trick, but no matter. I hope the players do as the fans and look past the Eagles.

As far as begging out of the prediction, I think that's pretty funny. Regardless of what actually happened, or what every FSU fan in creation is happened (self defense by the football team vs. a fraternity...(rolls eyes), does anyone seriously think that there's ANY chance that ANY FSU player would be suspended prior to this game? I mean...seriously?. We all know there's zero chance of that happening, and if they're found to be "guilty" of any wrong-doing, their penalties will most assuredly be served next season when the 'Noles open up against Wagner State Correspondence School.

Brian said...

bc mike - you'll enjoy this Bowden sound byte.

BCMike said...

"Well, that's America for you, isn't it."


Raj said...

IS anyone else hoping that FSU continues the trend so we see Davis a little more? Im not saying career threatening or even season ending but just a nice bell ringing, couldnt hurt, could it?

Jeff said...

Raj- NO, I am not hoping that Crane gets injured. I am hoping that Davis sees some snaps but not because of a injury. At this point its a little late for the backup to lead us to Tampa.

BCMike- I was also surprised by TM's tone in the interview. No other teams in the division take BC for granted anymore. Why does FSU? Do they not realize that BC has in a way a better chance than FSU to head to Tampa? And we won the division last year? Pisses me off.

Tomahwak Nation said...


since FSU has suspended players in big games this year for missing classes, I think your comments are inaccurate at best. FSU will wait for the facts to come out and you can bet that these guys will be gone if they did in fact commit serious crimes.


FSU has 2 ACC games remaining and they will be favored in both.

BC has 3 ACC games remaining and they will be underdogs in 2 of the 3.
We can't look at every team in the division as a serious rival. BC beat us in '06, our worst season in 30 years. Florida State went into BC and beat their best team since when, the Flutie days?

Everyone gets up to play FSU since that's the team they grew up idolizing. It's tough for FSU to get up for every team on their slate.

Jeff said...

TN- Your predicted lines for our remaining games assume an FSU win this Saturday. If BC wins they'll be favored in their final two games. If lines were put out today, the Wake game would be something like a pk and BC would be favored over Maryland. I agree that FSU will be favored in its final game at Maryland maybe even regardless of the BC-FSU ooutcome. The problem with your logic is though, using your lines, you need Wake to lose one of its final two games of which they are favored in both.

I only say BC has an as good or better chance of going to Tampa than FSU because BC doesn't need help from anyone.

FSU fans should be excited for this game because its in November and it matters a lot for final ACC standings. Looking at your schedule, you have had a lot of great home games this year. You already had Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and Clemson in the ACC while you play less likely to be in the hunt this year teams like NC State and Maryland on the road. Not to mention you already had a Big 12 team and you have the Gators coming to your building in two more weeks. The FSU home schedule was fantastic for a FSU fan. So if BC falls towards the bottom of that list, maybe it isn't as big of a knock on BC as I originally thought. But if FSU fans don't realize that BC and Wake are two of the teams that they must beat each year to win the ACC, then shame on them.

oldnole said...


I am a long time FSU fan. I don't think that you should be taking it as disrespect that you aren't on the hate list. FSU has been humbled and doesn't take any ACC game for granted anymore and actually has made the ACC title more signicant since our rut and the ACC expansion. I think we respect the other ACC programs (except Duke); in the case of BC I don't place them above or below most of the other ACC teams so I think the excitement is at a normal level. We all understand the signifigance and I for one will not take any team for granted until FSU proves its truely back.

Here is my list on games of importance:

Pure hate:
Florida (even though this is probably an L)
Miami (always a rival no matter how bad either side is)

Teams I will occasionally rout against:
Wake Forest (only team to shut Bowden out at Doak)
Clemson (probably last year of significance)
NC State (Chuck's old team is almost off this list... this one is probably gaining for you)

Teams I have never routed against (except vs FSU or where our ACC title hopes are on the line):
Va Tech
Georgia Tech
Boston College
(pretty much all ACC teams are in this list)

Teams I don't even follow:
Cupcake 1
Cupcake 2

PS I will be at the game

Brian said...

FWIW, I think a healthy dose of respect is in order for Boston College football. With Virginia Tech, we've been two of the best programs in the conference while the traditional powers (read: FSU and Miami) have tried to pick up the pieces the last few years.

I would go as far to say without Virginia Tech and BC the last 4 years, the ACC is dangerously close to Big East status. You don't have to hate us, or even think about us outside of one weekend a year ... just respect what we've done in the conference since joining ...

Virginia Tech 23-6
Ga Tech 20-11
BC 18-11
Wake 17-12
FSU 16-13

Brian said...

sorry jeff ... i know you would also be interested in when Clemson is on that list ...

Clemson 16-14

BCMike said...

"Everyone gets up to play FSU since that's the team they grew up idolizing."


You sure you're not a Domer Homer?

BCMike said...

wow @ the comments over on their board.

I didn't realize every win BC has thus far was a fluke.

I also didn't realize that FSU has never actually been beaten when they're good, but rather that time just ran out unfairly.

My god.

Paolo said...

Oh please, way to take what you want from what we're saying and just create your own little conclusion that lets you be angry at the team you're about to play.

BCMike said...


I would encourage you to page through these like-posts of the past throughout the season and see how often BC fans react like this.

I think you'll find this is a first.

But hey, maybe it's good for the spirit of the game and get us as fans even more into it. I know that now I really want our Eagles to beat that ass more than ever!

GO BC! Beat FSU!

Raj said...

Eagles on the Warpath OOH AHH!!!

And is that a real seminole that rides that horse?

TOmahawk Nation said...


I responded over at our place, but I wanted to make sure you saw this.

You wrote: You guys trumped out the all-black “Unconquered” uni’s vs. BC thinking you would just roll over the Eagles and has your hats handed to you for the first time in the history of the program at home by an ACC team

I thought I remembered there being much pageantry with the “unconquered” jerseys as both the FSU team had never been defeated at home by an ACC opponent and the Seminole Tribe remains “unconquered”….no?

If not, the media was told that and ran with it, lol.

You're correct that the media ran with it, big time.

To me, as a realist, it's all about attracting 17 year old urban kids.

Losses at Home

NC State 34-28
Miami 49-27

Notre Dame 34-24

Miami 22-14

Florida 20-13

NC State 20-15

Clemson 27-20
BC 24-19
Wake 30-0
Florida 21-14

Miami 37-29

The Unconquered thing is all about the Seminole Tribe of Florida never surrendering to the US Gov’t

Brian said...

The black uniforms are nothing more than Nike trying to sell more FSU gear.

Call it an Oregon-lite experiment ...

/queue Will Smith's Men in Black

"Here come the men in black ...
Galaxy defenders ...
Here come the men in black ...
They wont let you remember ..."

BCMike said...

Ah, TN...thank you for the correction. I was just believing the media (mea culpa).

Anonymous said...

Brian is also correct (Re: Nike)