Monday, October 20, 2008

Preliminary Blogpoll: Week 8

We are taking a fresh look at our blogpoll ballot this week as we are more than halfway into this year's college football season. We are feeling particularly anti-mid major this week given that some of these teams haven't really played decent teams. Still, we have Utah in at #11 given that they have gone out and beat a decent Oregon State team and what is now looking like a terrible Michigan team. They will get their chance to become BCS busters with road games at New Mexico and San Diego State, and home games against TCU and BYU.

Aside from Oregon, the combined record of the teams Boise State beat is 11-23. The next toughest opponent TCU has faced other than BYU is their road win at New Mexico, who is now 4-4.

Ball State's best win is at home against Navy. Other than the Midshipmen, Ball State hasn't beaten a team that ranks in the Top 100 in college football. We are dropping them from our ballot this week. Straight up: we think all these teams in our Top 25 this week would be undefeated if they played Northeastern, Navy, and Kent State at home, and Akron, Indiana, Toledo and Western Kentucky on the road. Their resume doesn't seem all that impressive. They will get a chance to go undefeated by having to go through the directional Michigan schools towards the end of November. Central Michigan is currently 5-2 (4-0 MAC) and Western Michigan is 6-2 (4-1).

The best team Tulsa has beaten is New Mexico.

I know you can't fault these teams for their strength of schedule in conference, but this poll is meant to represent the Top 25 strongest resumes and while Ball State is a nice story, the resume doesn't impress us all that much to date.

Also noteworthy: we are switching our #1 and #2 this week and going with just about everyone else. Texas is #1 and Alabama is #2. Texas' last two wins are more impressive than Alabama, and the Crimson Tide's opening weekend win against Clemson is looking more and more suspect now.

This was a tough week to rank teams ... Your thoughts are appreciated.

Final ballot is due Wednesday.

1Texas (7-0) 1
2Alabama (7-0) 1
3Penn State (8-0)--
4Oklahoma State (7-0)--
5Oklahoma (6-1) 3
6Georgia (6-1)--
7Texas Tech (7-0)--
8Southern Cal (5-1) 1
9Florida (5-1) 4
10LSU (5-1) 4
11Utah (8-0) 1
12Georgia Tech (6-1) 3
13Ohio State (7-1) 9
14Missouri (5-2) 1
15South Florida (6-1) 6
16TCU (7-1) 10
17Boise State (6-0) 2
18Pittsburgh (5-1) 8
19Boston College (5-1) 4
20Florida State (5-1) 6
21Northwestern (6-1) 5
22Kansas (5-2) 6
23Virginia Tech (5-2) 11
24Minnesota (6-1) 2
25Brigham Young (6-1) 14

Dropped Out: Wake Forest (#17), North Carolina (#18), Michigan State (#20), Ball State (#24), Vanderbilt (#25).

Welcome! TCU, Pittsburgh, Florida State, Northwestern, Minnesota

Waiting Room: Tulsa, Maryland, Vanderbilt, North Carolina, Cincinnati

Highest Standard Deviation Between Individual Ballots: Kansas (8.49), Texas Tech (2.83)

Lowest Standard Deviation Between Individual Ballots: Texas, Alabama, Penn State, Oklahoma State, USC, Ohio State

By Conference: Big XII 5, ACC 4, SEC 4, Big Ten 4, Mountain West 3, Big East 2, Pac 10 1, WAC 1

Games Jeff Watched:
Florida State at North Carolina State
Hawaii at Boise State
Georgia Tech at Clemson
North Carolina at Virginia
Virginia Tech at Boston College
Michigan at Penn State
Miami at Duke (25%)

Games Brian Watched:
Florida State at North Carolina State
Hawaii at Boise State (25%)
Virginia Tech at Boston College (in-person)


Eagle in Brighton said...

PSU/OSU is absolutely huge next week: definitely would vault PSU over Alabama with a victory.

BCMike said...

While I agree that Tulsa hasn't beaten anyone of note, they just have a shitty schedule. They won their last game something like 77-0. I'm not saying if they run the table they should be in the MNC game or even a BCS game, but I think you have to rank a 7-0 squad that's putting up some pretty eye-popping offensive numbers.