Sunday, October 12, 2008

Preliminary Blogpoll: Week 7

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section. Final ballot is due Wednesday.

1 Alabama (6-0) --
2 Texas (6-0) 4
3 Penn State (7-0) 2
4 Oklahoma State (6-0) 16
5 Florida (5-1) 9
6 Georgia (5-1) 2
7 Oklahoma (5-1) 5
8 Southern Cal (4-1) 1
9 Virginia Tech (5-1) 1
10 Brigham Young (6-0) 1
11 Texas Tech (6-0) 4
12 Missouri (5-1) 9
13 Utah (7-0) 2
14 LSU (4-1) 10
15 Kansas (5-1) 1
16 Georgia Tech (5-1) 4
17 Wake Forest (4-1) --
18 North Carolina (5-1) 1
19 Boise State (5-0) 1
20 Michigan State (6-1) 4
21 South Florida (5-1) 1
22 Ohio State (6-1) 1
23 Boston College (4-1) 2
24 Ball State (7-0) 2
25 Vanderbilt (5-1) 12

Dropped Out: Kentucky (#23)

Welcome! Ball State (#24)

Waiting Room: California, Texas Christian, Florida State

Highest Standard Deviation Between Individual Ballots: Texas Tech (6.36), Georgia Tech (5.66), Oklahoma (5.66), Utah (5.66), Boise State (5.66)

Lowest Standard Deviation Between Individual Ballots: Alabama, Texas, Penn State, Wake Forest, North Carolina

By Conference: Big XII 6, SEC 5, ACC 5, Big Ten 3, Mountain West 2, Pac 10 1, Big East 1, WAC 1, MAC 1

Games Jeff Watched:
Clemson at Wake Forest
Notre Dame at North Carolina
Oklahoma State at Missouri (25%)
LSU at Florida (50%)
Penn State at Wisconsin (25%)

Games Brian Watched:
Clemson at Wake Forest (50%)
Arkansas at Auburn (in-person)
LSU at Florida (50%)


Biggest Movers: Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State ... mea culpa. A nice win by the Cowboys over Missouri vaults Oklahoma State 16 slots to #4 this week.

Florida straight up crushed LSU and jumps 9 spots to #5.

LSU and Vanderbilt drop 10 and 12 slots, respectively, for two reasons. The first - LSU didn't come to play in the Swamp, and Vanderbilt missed their opportunity to go 6-0 for the first time since 1928 (?!) falling to Mississippi State. The second - Brian got to see the Auburn Tigers in action this week and they are just not that good. Sure, their offense might have looked flat due to the departure of offensive coordinator Tony Franklin, but the Tigers had amassed a mere 100 yards in total offense through three quarters Saturday. In fact, if Auburn's defense and special teams didn't step to the plate yesterday, this game could have been a blowout. More on my trip to Auburn later this week.

The point of all this? Because I got to see Auburn in person this week, and because the Tigers looked terrible, Vandy and LSU's wins over Auburn are looking less impressive this week in my mind.


Winfield said...

I would put Texas Tech above Virginia Tech and in the top 10. Currently undefeated in the best conference this year.

furrer4heisman said...

I think you've got the Hokies and Red Raiders a little too high. Tech has yet to look like a Top 10 team in any of its games and the Red Raiders have nothing resembling a defense.

By contrast, I think you have Utah too low. I'm very high on the Utes, and think they, not BYU, will go unbeaten in the MTN. Although it's too bad their win at Michigan looks less and less impressive by the day.

Kudos to putting Texas at No. 2. Yes, the win over Oklahoma was impressive, but its defense has just as many flaws as the Sooners'. I am less impressed by the defenses in the Big 12 than I was coming into the season. By contrast, I'm a lot more impressed by the defenses in the SEC than I was coming in.

I think you're going to see this back-and-forth power struggle between the SEC and Big 12 every week. And that just may be enough to let Penn State slip into the title game as the only unbeaten team from a BCS conference in the country.

Get ready for a clusterfuck the first Sunday in December. I think you'll see this scenario:

Unbeaten: Utah or BYU
One loss: Penn State
Two losses: Any combo of OU, MU, UT, OSU, UF, LSU, Bama, UGa, USC.

/chaos ensues

Then what do you do?

If it happens, all the anti-playoff/pro-BCS people will finally get their come-upance.

BCMike said...

I think the drop of GT is unfair. They played the whole game with their 3rd stringer, who had never before seen a snap.

I understand the perception is that if you don't blow out a FBS team, you stink. That's just not the case. GW isn't that bad of a team, and GT was playing with one arm tied behind their back.

I would understand one or two, but that's too drastic of a drop IMO.

Jeff said...

Texas Tech barely excaped Nebraska at home while Virginia Tech handled Nebraska easily in Lincoln.

The Hokies do have two quality wins against Georgia Tech and UNC which is more than we can say about anyone else in out top 25.

Utah lacks quality opponents at this point. Everyone they played has at least 3 losses except Air Force and Weber State and if you want to go look at who Air Force and Weber State have beaten be my guest but let me tell you it is not impressive and they still both have 2 losses each. Utah gets to prove itself later in the season when they play TCU and later BYU. Their win at Michigan is not even a little bit impressive at this point.

Brian said...

furrer - let the chaos reign. we need a playoff.

re: Virginia Tech - remember that they are a blocked punt away from being undefeated and being in the conversation for the BCS title game.

jeff - we should probably look at bumping Texas Tech up a little. we should reward the unbeatens ...

and even though much has been written about the struggles of the ACC this season, it could be worse - we could be Michigan.