Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Time: Poehler, BC Football and the Cotton Bowl

Happy Time!

No BC birthdays today, so we wish a Happy belated Birthday wish to Amy Poehler (September 16). Poehler is most famous for her current role on Saturday Night Live, but did you know she is also a 1993 graduate of Boston College? While at school, Poehler was a member of the improve comedy troupe My Mother’s Fleabag.

Poehler is set to leave Saturday Night Live next month after 7 years with the show. Poehler and husband Will Arnett are expecting their first child in October. While she is leaving the popular NBC comedy show, she may not be leaving the network entirely. Poehler is set to star in a spinoff of the popular NBC comedy "The Office."

Happy Anniversary to the Boston College Eagles football team. On this day 9 years ago, you rallied down 10-7 in the fourth quarter to come back and beat the Navy football team in Annapolis. The Eagles started the season 2-0 after quarterback Tim Hasselbeck engineered a six play, 73 yard drive during the fourth quarter. Hasselbeck would finish the game 14 of 21 for 214 yards, despite being sacked by the Midshipmen defense four times. The Eagles would go onto an 8-3 regular season record before getting slapped around in the by Colorado 62-28.

This is only loosely related to Boston College, but Happy Trails to the Cotton Bowl hosting ... the Cotton Bowl. Sports Illustrated story ran a story yesterday about the reopening of the Cotton Bowl after getting a $57 million facelift. Later in the article it is mentioned that, despite the facelift, the Cotton Bowl (the bowl) is bolting from the Cotton Bowl (the stadium) twenty miles across town to the new Dallas Cowboys football mecca after the 2009 season. Confused yet?

It’s really a shame to see the bowl game bail on the stadium that made them famous in hopes of receiving a BCS bowl game in the future. The Cotton Bowl will continue to host the Red River Shootout between Texas and Oklahoma, but that's about it. So for a stadium that will host one big college football game a year in the foreseeable future, was the $57 million renovation really worth it?

Sorry, did you say there was a Boston College tie-in somewhere? The Cotton Bowl was home to two of the biggest games in Boston College Eagles football history: our first bowl game in 1939 – a 6-3 loss to Clemson – and the end of the dream 1984 season which was capped by a Doug Flutie led 45-28 victory over Houston.


Sebastian said...

About the Cotton Bowl and Dallas:

I was born and raised in Dallas, and as a Dallas resident, this Cotton Bowl move was done out of desperation and showed exactly how confusing the city government is.

The city could not get it together to keep the Cowboys within Dallas. It was an absolute mess, and the Cowboys rightfully took their show a few miles west to Arlington. And yes, the Cowboys Mecca will be quite a palace, and it was in the Cotton Bowl Game's best interest to move to Arlington as well.

The Cotton Bowl was a toilet that was in dire need of an upgrade, and Dallas had done little to show signs of improving. First it's the Cotton Bowl Game leaving, but expect Texas-OU to leave sooner or later. The Cotton Bowl committee speaks grandly about the stadium's purpose to serve the college game, but I expect the big-name games to move to the new Cowboys stadium just a hop over in Arlington. The Cotton Bowl will then be left with second-tier games--- which may still be quality, but they're still not the tops.

When Dallas got it together in such short time for the Cotton Bowl, I was a little peeved. It would be one thing if City Council operated slow and inefficiently all the time, but this proves they can work fast if they want to.

And now the national media and readers, upon seeing this, will think the big, bad Cowboys strong-armed a helpless Cotton Bowl Stadium out of the classic bowl game and other series.

This is nothing more than the girl who got dumped, but then slapped on some make-up and a new dress... sadly, it's too late. And just a little embarrassing.

Brian said...

sebastian - Thanks for the perspective.

Sadly, the situation you describe with the Cotton Bowl sounds eerily similar to the situation the Citrus Bowl finds themselves in currently in Orlando. Having attended the Champs Sports Bowl last year, I can attest to the fact that the place is pretty much a hole, and it remains to be seen whether a 175-million expansion of the stadium will help either the stadium or the city.

Definitely not faulting the Cotton Bowl for moving to the Cowboys Stadium. It's probably the right move to keep that bowl relevant and on the cusp of BCS bowldom.

Just sad to see these once great college football venues slowly dying.

Sebastian said...

Agreed that it's sad to see history dying. Every so often, my back-home friends and I get together for the Cotton Bowl Game. I love football history, and just rewinding at the Cotton Bowl is amazing: it was home to the Dallas Cowboys and a host of classic college games.

If there's only one (ha) unfortunate thing about the BCS, it's that the former bowl structure has been transformed into four big, desired bowls and then all the other guys. Some of the mystique of the Cotton Bowl may have been lost with the Southwest Conference, sure, but the rest was certainly lost when it was not chosen for the BCS rotation (Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, Rose).

furrer4heisman said...

The Cotton Bowl one of the worst stadiums I've ever been to and the worst I've ever covered a game in.

Parking and traffic are both nightmares. If it's an 11 a.m. kick (like this year!) and you don't leave your hotel by 6, you probably aren't going to see kick off.

It's in a bad neighborhood. As a former carnie, I hate the fair and fair food. For years I would go to OU-Texas and say "this is the LAST TIME I'm doing this" and the next year I'd always go back.

Until last year. Having finally snapped the streak, I have no desire to ever go to the OU-Texas game again until they move it to JerryWorld or start having home-and-home.