Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blogpoll: Week 4

For those of you new to the program, the college football blogpoll is run by a Michigan blogger over at mgoblog. What is the blogpoll? It's basically the AP poll except with bloggers. 70+ blogs representing teams from all over college football submit weekly ballots on the Top 25 teams, and the combined votes make up a poll similar to the AP or ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll.

Jeff and I represent Boston College along with the BC blog Eagle in Atlanta.

Here is our week 4 ballot rough draft. Comments/feedback welcome.

1Southern Cal (2-0)--
2Georgia (4-0)--
3Oklahoma (3-0)--
4LSU (3-0) 1
5Florida (3-0) 1
6Alabama (4-0) 1
7Missouri (4-0) 1
8Wake Forest (3-0) 1
9Brigham Young (4-0) 1
10Texas (3-0) 2
11Penn State (4-0) 2
12Texas Tech (4-0) 1
13Wisconsin (3-0) 1
14Auburn (3-1) 6
15Virginia Tech (3-1) 6
16Utah (4-0) 2
17Clemson (3-1) 2
18South Florida (4-0) 1
19Kansas (3-1) 1
20Vanderbilt (4-0) 2
21Georgia Tech (3-1) 5
22TCU (4-0) 4
23Kentucky (3-0) 2
24Boise State (3-0) 2
25East Carolina (3-1) 9

Dropped Out: Oregon (3-1) (#15), Ohio State (3-1) (#23), Florida State (2-1) (#24).

New To The Poll: Georgia Tech (3-1) (#21), TCU (4-0) (#22), Boise State (3-0) (#24)

Others Receiving a Top 25 Vote: Ohio State (3-1), Ball State (4-0)

Highest Standard Deviation Between Individual Ballots: Georgia Tech (6.36), Kentucky (6.36)

Lowest Standard Deviation Between Individual Ballots: Southern Cal (0.00), Georgia (0.00), Oklahoma (0.00), Auburn (0.00)

By Conference: SEC 7, Big XII 5, ACC 4, Mountain West 3, Big Ten 2, Big East 1, Conference USA 1, WAC 1, Pac 10 1

Games Jeff Watched:
West Virginia at Colorado
East Carolina at North Carolina State
Central Florida at Boston College
LSU at Auburn (50%)

Games Brian Watched:
West Virginia at Colorado (50%)
Baylor at Connecticut
East Carolina at North Carolina State (50%)
Central Florida at Boston College (twice)
LSU at Auburn


We are starting to move more towards a resume ranking system as teams play more and more games. By week 4, we are rewarding undefeated teams (ranks 1-13) and teams that have lost to quality opponents.

Jeff and I continue to vote separately and we average our two ballots together to arrive at this ballot. Hence, we lay out the teams we agree on and disagree on the most above (see the standard deviation measures). Jeff is currently loving Kentucky and Georgia Tech while I think these teams are marginal Top 25 teams. The average of our two ballots, however, has them in.

Why East Carolina to round out the Top 25 and not Ohio State? One of those quirks of combining ballots. While I had Ohio State still in my top 25, Jeff didn't have the Buckeyes in at all. And after getting embarrassed to the Trojans, struggling against Ohio and waiting until the fourth quarter to put away the other Men of Troy, this probably isn't a reach. East Carolina has beat two ranked teams in Virginia Tech and West Virginia (however, the WVU win in particular is looking more and more suspect), struggled against Tulane and lost at NC State last week. So I guess it's not that far-fetched after all.

This week, we agree on the top 3 teams. They remain unchanged - Southern Cal, Georgia and Oklahoma. This week, Southern Cal plays at Oregon State on Thursday night, the Bulldogs play host to Alabama in a matchup of Top 10 teams, and Oklahoma hosts 4-0 TCU. Expect some shakeup in the Top 3 next week. While we could easily point to the Alabama-Georgia game to shake up our top 3, don't forget we went where no blogger has gone before and boldly predicted that the Horned Frogs would upset the Sooners in Norman back in the preseason. But what do we know?

The four best teams in the ACC - by our estimation - are Wake Forest (#8), Virginia Tech (#15), Clemson (#17) and Georgia Tech (#21). Wake moves up a spot due to Auburn falling to LSU on Saturday night, but they certainly didn't do anything to warrant moving up in the rankings with their 12-3 win over Florida State in Tallahassee. Are we a bit biased towards the ACC? Well, we do get to see more ACC football than the rest of the blogpoll voters, so probably. Do four teams deserve to be in the Top 25? Remains to be seen.

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