Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blogpoll: Week 1

1 Southern Cal (1-0) --
2 Georgia (1-0) --
3 Oklahoma (1-0) 2
4 Auburn (1-0) 2
5 LSU (1-0) 2
6 Ohio State (1-0) 2
7 Florida (1-0) 2
8 West Virginia (1-0) 4
9 Wake Forest (1-0) 2
10 Missouri (1-0) 2
11 Texas Tech (1-0) 1
12 Alabama (1-0) 14
13 Kansas (1-0) 3
14 Texas (1-0) 1
15 Boston College (1-0) 4
16 Brigham Young (1-0) 2
17 Arizona State (1-0) --
18 Oregon (1-0) 3
19 California (1-0) 3
20 Penn State (1-0) 6
21 Utah (1-0) 1
22 Fresno State (1-0) 1
23 Clemson (0-1) 20
24 Wisconsin (1-0) 1
25 Florida State (0-0) 1

Dropped Out: Virginia Tech (0-1) (#14), Tennessee (0-1) (#15), Illinois (0-1) (#24).

New To The Poll: Alabama (1-0) (#12), Penn State (1-0) (#20), Florida State (0-0) (#25)

Others Receiving a Top 25 Vote: Tennessee, East Carolina, Kentucky

Highest Standard Deviation Between Individual Ballots (where both teams were ranked by us in Top 25), i.e. teams we disagreed on the most: Alabama (5.66), Penn State (5.66) Clemson (5.66), Arizona State (4.95)

Lowest Standard Deviation Between Individual Ballots (where both teams were ranked by us in Top 25), i.e. teams we agree on the most: USC (0.00), Texas Tech (0.00), Kansas (0.00), California (0.00)

By Conference: SEC 5, Big XII 5, Pac 10 4, ACC 4, Big Ten 3, Mountain West 2, Big East 1, WAC 1

Games Brian Watched:
NC State @ South Carolina (75%)
Virginia Tech @ East Carolina (50%)
Boston College vs. Kent State (in-person)
Delaware at Maryland (50%)
Illinois vs. Missouri (50%)
Clemson vs. Alabama
Fresno State @ Rutgers
Tennessee @ UCLA

Games Jeff Watched:
NC State @ South Carolina
Boston College vs. Kent State
Illinois vs. Missouri
Clemson vs. Alabama
Kentucky @ Louisville
Colorado State @ Colorado
Fresno State @ Rutgers
Tennessee @ UCLA

Brian: First off, what happened to your boys Clemson? Down 20 spots? And we seem to disagree on Alabama the most. What did you see Saturday night from the Crimson Tide (you shouldn't have seen anything because you should have been watching your Eagles)?

Jeff: TiVo plus BC game ended early in the 3rd quarter of the Clemson game plus I had 2 TVs set up in the living room for it. But the reason why I moved up the Crimson Tide so much is because their freshmen are awesome. If you have all the same players two years in a row, how much can you really improve? But Alabama had 3 freshman studs playing plus others that contributed. Alabama was THE MOST IMPRESSIVE team of the weekend and there is no way you can argue for any other team.

Brian: And the Big East only gets 1 team into our poll this week after going 0-for-4 against FBS teams. Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Louisville and Syracuse all lose to teams from the MAC, WAC, SEC and Big Ten, respectively. Big East arguably had a worse weekend than the ACC.



furrer4heisman said...

That's a good point on the big east. I guess I was too focused on the ACC's failures to realize they probably had a worse week than we did. However, their best team (WVU) is still better than our best team (WF). But there's probably a bigger dropoff from 1 to 2 and 2 to 5 in the big east than the ACC.

b.roundy said...

I know this is a BC blog but 15? Seriously? We've got to prove a little more before we get into the teens... a GT win on Saturday would be a nice start. Careful though, they've got The Perfect Option (http://tinyurl.com/perfectoption)

Brian said...

roundy - we were just a tad bit more conservative than another BC blog, Eagle in Atlanta.


The base for this poll was our preseason poll where we had BC at 19 and then witnessed Tennessee, VTech and Clemson lay giant eggs, so they were thrown out and BC moved up a bit.

I agree though, a win over Ga Tech could help us get into the mainstream media's poll.

Jeff said...

B.roundy- BC was ranked in the teens at the end of last year. Since then they lost their starting QB Matt Ryan. Yet they got better at RB, TE, WR, D-line and LB. O-line is just as good and the defensive secondary is worse. So yes losing Matt Ryan was a blow to BC, but how can you tell me with certainty that they are not just as good a team as last year?

Leather D said...

You are new to the blogpoll, so you may not be aware of the CK Award. The Coulter/Krugman Award is given to the blogger who overrates their team the most compared to the poll mean for that team.

The power of the CK Award is such that a 'winning' blogger would be well served to skip the game, fly to Vegas, and take the money line on their opponent.

Last year, the CK award winner's team lost every single week except one where their team played ND and thus was immunized by Weis' ego sucking up all of the oxygen and creating a vacuum around the pick.

I believe the year prior it was equally deadly.

Tread lightly. Based on last week's leaders, it seems likely BC will take 1,2 in the CK Award listing.

Bad ju-ju. [sp?]

Very bad.

BCMike said...


It could be true that ATLEagle and BCI are over-rating BC...or it's possible that unlike the mainstream media and big school bloggers constantly under-rate BC. Maybe some historical data will help make a more unbiased case. Check out the link: http://www.stassen.com/preseason/over-under/teams.html

Leather D said...

BCMike -

I am aware of the ratings bias against BC. I'm just saying, the CK award has a 'distinguished' track record. I can't find the history in a quick search, but it is bad.