Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blogpoll Roundtable 2: We'd Love to Know What You Think of Us ...

This week’s blogpoll roundtable takes the form of a restaurant comment card on the first two weeks of the Eagles football season. The blogpoll roundtable is being hosted this week by Michael over at Braves & Birds.

We’d love to know what you think of us …

… good or bad. So please help us to improve by filling in this card. We would also really like to keep in touch, so why not give us your email address and we’ll send you interesting stuff and the odd treat.

1. How would you rate your program's service to you in the first two weeks of the season?

The hostess was very friendly. We were seated right away. There weren’t many other customers in the restaurant when we first got there which was a little odd. The service was great up until this point and the menu looked delicious. There wasn’t a thing on the menu I didn’t want to eat. I decided on the Crispy Skin Salmon served over lentils, plum tomatoes and roasted fennel and felt pretty good about my choice.

Then something went terribly wrong. The hot, friendly waitress finished her shift before we were served and she was replaced by a not-so-hot looking older waitress. She was rude and not very attentive to us (would it kill you to refill my water glass once?!) The fish came out overcooked and dried out. While serving me another beer, your rude waitress fumbled it and beer went all over my lap ... and then didn’t even apologize!

I was left at the end of the evening wondering how my dining experience with you could have started so great only to go home feeling disappointed and overcharged.

2. How happy are you with your program's overall scheme? We are in a period in which the spread has become a total obsession in the media. If you're a fan of a spread team, are you happy with the way your program has implemented it? If you're a fan of a non-spread team, do you wish that your program would convert to this Xenu of offenses?

It’s amazing to even think that Boston College has become a spread offense team. The scheme is good, definitely something completely different from anything Eagles fans have seen from a Boston College team before. The execution … poor. When your top two running backs go down at various points in the game, your spread offense scheme becomes about as painful to watch as Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model.

I mean 2.9 yards a carry with a long run of 14 yards coming from your quarterback is downright criminal. I demand a refund.

3. Rate your stadium's cleanliness and menu options.

Alumni Stadium remains remarkably clean and somewhat sterile. The menu options are good, not great. I’ll give it 3 and a half stars out of 5. Just last weekend, I spotted Granny Smith apple wedges with a nice caramel dipping sauce in the stands. I appreciate you diversifying the menu, but c'mon ... WTF is that? Stick with the hot dogs, nachos, those weird New England pretzels with the sesame seeds instead of salt, and soda. Save the healthy stuff for Hillsides. Also, could have used a beer during last week’s game. No alcohol policy is kinda weak. Everyone knows Jesuits love a cold 12 ounce.

4. As an incentive to provide your valued feedback, you will be entered into a drawing for exciting prizes! What one prize would you like for your program?

I’m not asking for much. Just an ACC Championship in football and a BCS bowl berth. If you’re feeling overly generous though, could I also get …

  1. Four more years of eligibility for Matt Ryan
  2. Authentic Boston College football gear for fans
  3. Lifetime contract extension for Tommy Bowden
Thank you.

5. What’s your most memorable experience involving a comment card?

I don’t usually fill out comment cards, but I know my good friend and BC grad Justin is a starting fifth-year senior when it comes to filling them out. Here goes:

This won't mean much to the poor, disadvantaged souls living below the poverty line on Newton Campus … (read: Jeff and Brian)

But freshman year, in McElroy Dining Hall, they had this huge by-the-pound candy display with the bags that you could fill up yourself. The thing was a complete gem, including seldom seen favorites like Gummi Fizzy Colas and Laffy Taffy – and it was way, way in the farthest nook away from the cash registers.

People would just have a field day loading up these bags and jamming them in their pockets or jacket. At some point, management must have figured out what was going on, and they moved the entire array right next to the registers and scale – huge bummer for all parties involved.

So I wrote a comment card that said: "Please move the candy display back away from the cash registers so we can resume stealing all of your Gummi Bears and Swedish Fishies."

I didn’t really expect a response, but BC Dining posted my comment card on the big board in the Dining Hall with a one word response in black Sharpie:


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