Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle Blogpoll

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Welcome to the jungle blogpoll
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BC Interruption applied and got into the college football blogpoll hosted by Brian over at MGoBlog (a really good University of Michigan sports blog). What is the blogpoll, you ask? Well, it's basically like the AP or ESPN/Coaches poll, except that bloggers vote instead of the media and/or coaches.

Jeff and I will represent Boston College in the blogpoll this year along with the Eagle in Atlanta. Since Jeff and I really can't agree on anything, but we only get one vote in the blogpoll, we both ranked the teams separately and then averaged the two rankings together to arrive at our preseason blogpoll.

Here is our draft preseason Top 25 ballot:

1. USC
2. Georgia
3. Clemson
4. Oklahoma
5. West Virginia
6. Auburn
7. Ohio State
8. Florida
9. LSU
10. Missouri
11. Texas Tech
12. Texas
13. Kansas
14. Wake Forest
15. Virginia Tech
16. Arizona State
17. Tennessee
18. Wisconsin
19. Brigham Young
20. Boston College
21. Illinois
22. Penn State
23. California
24. Oregon
25. Fresno State

Others receiving A vote: South Florida, Alabama, Oregon State, Connecticut

Two guesses as to who put Connecticut in his Top 25! Also one of us ranked Boston College at #15 and the other at #25, so we split the difference and have the Eagles at #20. Call us overly optimistic.

We need your help though. Weigh in on our Top 25 preseason blogpoll in the comments section below. This is just a draft and we could easily be persuaded to tweak these rankings a little (it's just a preseason poll after all). Our final version of the preseason blogpoll is due this coming Monday, August 18. Go Eagles!

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Andrew said...

Hey guys, a few thoughts:

-I think Clemson and Ohio St. should be switched, clearly their NC performances are glaring but they return a very solid team and I cant see dropping a close one to USC as hurting them too bad and even so they will just continue their climb from there.
-Also I think Florida 1 ahead of Clemson
-I think Texas Tech should drop and I actually like Texas ahead of both they and Missouri but not by much, in addition, Kansas dropping a few slots.
-I think Tenn. Wisc and BYU should all move up a few replacing Kansas, Wake and Va. Tech
-I think 4 ACC teams should be in the 17-25 range, Wake, Tech, BC and FSU, and would not be adverse to BC being ahead of all of them
-I'd drop PSU out and move Oregon up and throw South Florida or UTAH in there somewhere

Might seem like a lot of changes but I think overall its a real solid ranking

Raj said...

instead of giving you a bunch of confusing paragraphs.
Here's my ranking:

1. Georgia
2. USC
3. West Virginia
4. Florida
5. Oklahoma
6. Ohio St. (will obviously be higher because of a weak schedule)
7. Wisconsin
8. LSU
9. Clemson
10. Texas
11. Auburn
12. Tennessee
13. BYU
14. V-Tech
15. Arizona State
16. Texas Tech
17. Missouri
18. Illinois
19. Boston College
20. Cal
21. Wake Forest
22. South Carolina
23. Alabama
24. California
25. Kansas
Others Receiving Votes: Michigan, Pitt, Rutgers, Oregon

Andrew said...

hey! play nice

Niems. said...

1.) USC
2.) Flordia
3.) Georgia
4.) Ohio State
5.) Oklahoma
6.) West Virginia
7.) Clemson
8.) LSU
9.) Texas
10.) Wisconsin
11.) Arizona State
12.) Auburn
13.) BYU
14.) Texas Tech
15.) Virginia Tech
16.) Tennessee
17.) Missouri
18.) Boston College
19.) Illinois
20.) California
21.) Wake Forest
22.) Penn State
23.) South Carolina
24.) Alabama
25.) Pitt

Others in Contention: Michigan, Rutgers, Oregon, Kansas, Miami, FSU, USF

Coach Melissa said...

1. USC
2. Georgia
3. Oklahoma (but they are going down on September 27th! GO Frogs!!!)
4. Florida
5. Auburn
6. Clemson
7. Ohio State
8. WVU
9. Mizzou
10. LSU
11. Texas Tech
12. Texas
13. Kansas
14. ASU
15. Virginia Tech
16. Wisconsin
17. Tennessee
18. Wake Forest
19. Illinois
20. Oregon
21. Cal
22. Penn State
23. BYU
24. BC
25. Fresno State

Others... USF, Connecticut, TCU (yes, I'm a homer... but there D is legit and Daulton is going to be good. Plus, if our running game is healthy... wow), Bama

O said...

I can't argue too much about the low Oregon ranking... but putting Cal ahead of the Ducks? Noooooooooooo.....

Raj said...

sorry O-
i saw that kid leaf play last year. I have to say i was anything but impressed. I was wondering if you could play qb at oregon as soon as the starter goes down.

furrer4heisman said...

May want to take a peek at KU's schedule before putting them at No. 13.

Brian said...

@ furrer

not so fast my friend ...

specific instructions about the preseason blogpoll:

"The AP poll is full of voters who vote team X super high in the preseason because of its schedule; this is strongly discouraged by the BlogPoll."

as i recall, kansas won their BCS bowl game, and could possibly be bowling again in january.

furrer4heisman said...

If the Jayhawks go to another BCS bowl this year, I'll walk to Kansas.

Brian said...

january bowl, not necessarily BCS :)