Friday, August 15, 2008

Revised Preseason Blogpoll

So, we listened (somewhat), and here is our final version of our preseason blogpoll:

1Southern Cal
4West Virginia
8Ohio State
10Texas Tech
11Wake Forest
14Virginia Tech
17Arizona State
18Brigham Young
19Boston College
23Fresno State

Other Teams We Argued About: Penn State, Florida State, Alabama, South Florida, Oregon State, Connecticut (Jeff ONLY), Central Florida


... at the top - West Virginia and Oklahoma flip-flop, LSU-Ohio State-Florida shake up

... of the Atlantic Coast variety - Boston College up 1 spot to #19, Wake Forest up 2 spots to #11, Virginia Tech up 1 spot to #14

... fun with Mid Majors - Utah enters at #20, Fresno State up 2 to #23, and Brigham Young up 1 to #19

... Big XII - Texas Tech up 1 to #10, Missouri down 2 to #12, Texas down 1 to #13, and Kansas down 3 to #16 (i.e. throw darts at a wall, come up with the rankings for the top Big XII teams)

... Pac 10 - Oregon and California flip-flop (for our friend Omar), Arizona State down 1 to #17

... Bearish on the Big Ten - Illinois down 3 to #24, Wisconsin down 7 to #25, Penn State off the board

By Conference:

  • Southeastern - 5 of 12 (42%)
  • Big XII - 5 of 12 (42%)
  • Pac 10 - 4 of 10 (40%)
  • Atlantic Coast - 4 of 12 (33%)
  • Big Ten - 3 of 11 (27%)
  • Mountain West - 2 of 9 (22%)
  • Big East - 1 of 8 (13%)
  • Western Athletic - 1 of 9 (11%)

Talk amongst yourselves.


johnoatesforthree said...

even for bc bloggers the ACC bias is somewhat ridiculous. #3 for clemson and #11 for Wake Forest? you really think clemson can be a national title contender? Does WF even have an offense?

Big Jack Krack said...

Concerning Clemson - their fans are pretty confident. Said one to me just yesterday "If we beat Alabama the first game, I think we'll run the table." I think they have to earn their way into the top ten, however. But it will be a big feather in our cap if we beat them November 1st - so the higher they are ranked, the better.

Wake seems high for the pre-season - 20-25 might be better at this stage. They may well work their way up.

Brian said...

keep in mind the preseason poll is measuring how strong/talented we think these teams are, not necessarily where they will end up at the end of the season.

i.e. clemson is loaded on talent, especially on the offensive side of the ball. does that mean they will finish #3 in the BCS standings at the end of the year? probably not, so long as t. bowden is still coach.

Coach Melissa said...

Just want a head's up on what flavor crow you'd like to eat when BYU and Utah lose to TCU... In case you forgot, Urban Meyer is in Florida now. Overrated.

Brian said...

coach - your frogs are 0 for mormon the last two years. just saying.

but if it ends up being crow, buffalo chicken please.