Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Time: Maglio and Injury Report

Happy Time Eagles, or Herzlich Time! Herzlich is German for happy. Learn something new every day, eh?

Here's reason enough to be happy: 9 days until Boston College football is back, or exactly 1 DeLeon Gause. Sadly, the only pictures online of Gause involve him getting burned by Virginia Tech wide receivers in the ACC Championship game. This doesn't make us happy.

No BC birthdays of note today. If you know of one, leave in the comments section below.

Happy Scholarship Mark Maglio. Maglio, the walk-on junior cornerback from Wisconsin, was offered a scholarship yesterday by Jags and staff. BC had an open scholarship due to the departure of offensive tackle Patrick Neumann. Great story about Maglio. Congrats.

Also, not only did Boston College safety Wes Davis get a decent write up as part of HD’s trip to campus yesterday, he also had two interceptions and took one back for a touchdown.

Happy Trails, the BC injury report edition. Brian Toal is still out with a spasm of the trapezius (whatever that is), but is expected to be back practicing with the team this weekend. Mike McLaughlin (leg), Rich Gunnell (shoulder), and Ron Brace (back) are also still out. All expect to play in the season opener against Kent State.


John said...

I sat next to Mark Maglio in a freshman theology class where two of us got pretty friendly. We've stayed pretty friendly since then, so it's great news to hear about this scholarship for him. He really is a great guy.

WeisGipper said...

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BCMike said...

I can't wait until there's only Josh Haden day left!