Sunday, June 22, 2008

Poll Results: Best Away Football Game To Attend

Here are the poll results from our side bar poll - the best away football game to attend this season. Our readers have spoken and overwhelmingly think that the November 15 date with the Seminoles is the best road game to attend this fall.
  1. Nov 15 @ Florida State - 32 votes (58%)
  2. Oct 04 @ NC State - 12 votes (21%)
  3. Nov 22 @ Wake Forest - 5 votes (9%)
  4. Oct 25 @ UNC - 3 votes (5%)
  5. Aug 30 @ Kent State - 3 votes (5%)

BC's last trip to Doak Campbell Stadium two years ago was a 24-19 win behind a DeJuan Tribble pick 6 and some ironman play by Matt Ryan. Ryan played on a bum foot and ankle and still managed to complete 16 of 26 for 262 yards.

Not sure if the BC Interruption crew will make it to Tallahassee this fall, but we will definitely be making the trip to Raleigh for the October 4 game vs. NC State. We'll report on the road for a few of the home games as well.


S. Andon said...

if you do make it down, got to let me know. I'm currently a grad student (BC '03) down here at FSU. I'd be happy to give you the lay of the land. Last time in Doak was awesome, the win punctuated by the FSU student section "Blackout" - in which myself and a couple other BC guys bravely donned Superfan yellow.

We sat right behind the endzone where Matty had to scramble around the goaline, and just before getting pummeled, he threw a 50 yard pass to Challenger(?) for a huge 3rd down conversion.

Brian said...

s andon - we'll definitely let you know, thanks! jeff and i both need to cross Doak off our list of ACC venues attended ...