Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday Roundup: Championship Links

Word on campus is that the mods and the rest of campus were fairly quiet Saturday night. No mod fence down, no flashings, no fires. No one lost in Newton, like in 2001. But why? Growing student body civility, or growing fan apathy?

The BC hockey team was honored at Fenway Park Sunday night during the Yankees Red Sox rubber match. Also, during the rain delay during Saturday afternoon's Sox game, the championship game was shown on the Fenway screens.

The Bruins will also honor the hockey team at tonight's home playoff game vs. Montreal. I guess the Boston pro sports community does embrace Boston College ...

Having been subjected to poor WCHA officiating all season, the crew at the North Dakota hockey blog Goon's world think the Kyle Lawson redirection off his skate should have been allowed. You be the judge.

Ex-Eagles were in pursuit of a championship this weekend as well ... BC alum Ben Eaves helped carry the Espoo Blues of the SM-liiga to the title round. The Blues lost the SM-liiga final to Kärpät, who won the series 4-1. The Espoo Blues had never won a medal in Finland's top professional hockey league.

Special BC Interruption shout out to Coach Jerry York, who is nothing but a class act. His comments, particularly at the championship celebration at Conte last night, spoke about how it wasn't only important to bring home the trophy, but for the players to represent BC every day with class and dignity. Thank you!


Christian Russo said...

My sister said she thought Walsh Hall was going to come crashing down at the end of the game, so it doesn't seem like it was a total bore-fest after the game.

Also keep in mind that when we won in 2001, the students had an incentive to stay up and stay rowdy since the team's bus was arriving back from Albany at 3:00 AM. This year, they were in Denver and not going to be back until about 4:00 PM the next day.

Could have had something to do with it, but then again, may not have.

Goon said...

I think the goal should have counted but I don't think it would have made much of a difference. The Eagles played good this past weekend and hopefully our coach will go out and recruit some speed guys like B.C..

Brian said...

goon - uscho has an article where the ncaa is backing their decision

good luck next year recruiting the speedsters.