Saturday, April 26, 2008

Matt Ryan Jerseys You Would Never Purchased

Brian: I'm pretty pumped about watching #12 Matt Ryan get drafted later today. On the other hand, Jeff couldn't care less where he is drafted. To celebrate the occasion, I might go as far as to purchase an NFL jersey of #12 after the dust settles and Ryan is made a rich man.

But as ESPN College Gameday's Lee Corso likes to say, "not so fast my friends!" I already have my pre-existing NFL allegiances, biases and hatreds. I can't just go out and purchase any NFL jersey, even if Matt Ryan was the greatest signal caller we've seen play at BC. This lead us to ask the question:

Even if it was the uniform of an ex-Boston College great, what NFL teams would you under no circumstances purchase their jersey?


NFL Team: the Super Bowl Champs
Casual fan of: the New York Jets, so long as they don't suck and aren't playing the New York (football) Giants

I swear, under penalty of death, that under no circumstances would I ever buy a Matt Ryan #12 jersey, if Ryan is drafted by one of the below teams:
  • Dallas Cowboys - /cringes
  • Philadelphia Eagles - /cringes even more, thinks about all that time spent growing up in South Jersey a Giants fan ...
  • Washington Redskins - /cringes as he rounds out the rest of the NFC East
  • New England Patriots - would not want to be lumped into "Red Sox Nation" in any way (its bad enough BC fans are lumped into this lot!)
  • San Francisco 49ers - even though they suck, too much Giants-49ers history to forgive and forget (that was pass interference!)
  • Miami Dolphins - pastel team colors? no thanks

Ryan on America's Team? Perish the thought!


NFL Team: no one team, really
Casual fan of: the New York Giants, New York Jets and the Seattle Seahawks

I swear, under penalty of death, that under no circumstances would I ever buy a Matt Ryan #12 replica jersey, if Ryan is drafted by one of the below teams:
  • Atlanta Falcons - only thugs wear them
  • Oakland Raiders - same reason
  • Buffalo Bills - they suck
  • Chicago Bears - hate the Bears
  • Dallas Cowboys - ... unless Matt also dates Jessica Simpson!
  • Any Ohio team - ugly jerseys and nobody likes Ohio except people from Ohio

We have surely offended your NFL team. After reading this article, hate mail for Brian can be sent here. For Jeff, go here.

Leave your own list of teams in the comments section below.


Eagle in Brighton said...

Jets, Giants, Cowboys.

Christian Russo said...

looks like Jeff's not getting a Ryan jersey...

Brian said...

No, but he might get a Phillip Merling Dolphins jersey ... just saying ;)

Stephen said...

I don't think you are going to see too many thugs going around in Falcon jerseys now that their quarterback is a somewhat dorky white guy who played college ball at a preppy catholic university. Just a guess. So go ahead Jeff and buy that Falcons jersey. It's no longer cool for thugs.

Coach Melissa said...

I hope you got your 22's on and that you are straight packing your gat Jeff. Looks like Matty Ice is living the thug life. Think that he will buy a new dog to celebrate? :)