Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Game Time, Eagles!

Brian: Get pumped! It's game day, for what probably is the second most important game of the year for Boston College. The #1 game being the ACC football Championship, a game Jeff and I both attended, which we will not mention again... (too soon! too soon!)

Jeff: It's going to be tough down here to find a bar that will switch a TV away from the Masters so that I can watch the first period of Boston College v. North Dakota (ESPN2, 6pm EST), but I'll use my pull somewhere and look forward to watching live hockey action for the second time this year.

Brian: I'll be attending the New York City BC game watch at Nation. Hopefully, Jeff, its not the last live hockey action you'll get to see this year. We won't be online during the game, but leave your thoughts in the comments section. Go Eagles!


BrettB in STL said...

From your Sizing Up the Fighting Sioux post:
How UND advances to the Title Game?? :
"The Toews-TJ Oshie-Ryan Duncan line lights the lamp"

I know you guys try your best, but putting the NHL's Rookie of the Year back on his college team???? Come on, UND can beat BC without Jonny (even though he is the greatest 19 year old on skates) but still UND will take goals by KO+SHIE+CAN = #8. That line will have a great game, and so will Bina and Genoway helping out. 4-3 UND, Gerbe Joe Whit, and Ferriero get some tally's but cant hold up to a deep Fighting Sioux

Christopher said...

4 - 0 !!!!!!!!! only against ND would i still feel this worried

Eagle in Brighton said...


Boston Massacre?

/headline hyperbole

Christopher said...

The only thing i have ever seen to compare to this is when we beat BU 5-0 two years ago in the regional finals, and that wasn't even close to this awesome!!!! Too bad Hobey voting is done, Gerbe is 2 points ahead of Porter for total points now

Sebastian said...

3-0 Irish at the end of the 1st period... the Catholic Ice Bowl may yet happen...

Sebastian said...

It was ugly, but it was good enough tonight---

ND BC in the title game!

Brian said...

@ eagle in brighton - love the headline hyperbole

last night's game was amazing. a perfect game from the eagles