Friday, April 4, 2008

Gerbe for Hobey and the Big Finish

It's Friday on a weekend where there is no BC basketball or hockey to be seen, but we still go to the Big Finish.

Brian: Nathan Gerbe was named as one of the 3 finalists for the Hobey Baker. Odds he takes home the hardware?

Jeff: Well in the one college hockey game I saw this season Ryan Jones from Miami (OH) looked pretty solid so I am going to go 20%.

Brian: WAY too low. Jones was the #3 invite. I only give Jones a 5% chance, Gerbe 35% and Porter 60%. Plus in the head-to-head matchup this season, I think we know who came out on top ...

Jeff: Baseball played UConn last week, a game the Eagles won 10-4. How long will it be before basketball or football plays the old Big East rival?

Brian: I hope never, but you know how the NCAA men's tournament selection committee works - looks for the storyline, likes to place BC up against old Big East foes like Georgetown and Villanova. I'm sure we'll see them in the tournament or in a POS bowl game before we schedule them again. Are they done suing us yet?

Brian: With the departure of Spears and Kaba, the Eagles are interested in 6'11" Maurice Sutton of Maryland. Sutton has also been courted by Marquette, Kentucky, and UNC, but Creen is out at Marquette, so more odds - chances the Eagles land the big man?

Jeff: This time of the year when most of the McDonalds All-Americans have already been signed is when BC starts to land some names that turn out to be studs like Jared Dudley. So I'm gonna show my faith in Skinner and say that Maurice Sutton will be an Eagle next year.

Brian: Last one, Jeff, what you more excited for this weekend, the Masters (as golf is near and dear to your heart) or the all-chalk Final Four?

Jeff: Stealing from PTI yesterday I see. Well I am going with the Final Four. College athletics is where it's at. The Masters is great but largely dependent on whether or not big names fill the leaderboard on the weekend.


Pat Patriot said...

The Masters is next weekend, after the Final Four. There is no way that CBS could have both on in the same weekend.

Christopher said...

I was just wondering if you guys knew where I can look at next year's hockey recruiting class. I and never seem to update their recruiting information, and I couldn't find anything else. I was just hoping to see that we signed a few defenseman, after the dismissals of Motherwell and O Hanley and the imminent graduation of Brennan

Brian said...

@ pat patriot - nice catch.

@ christopher - not sure how up to date this is, but College Hockey also has some recruiting info.

We'll try to pull some stuff together.

Jeff said...

@Pat and Brian - Clearly the Masters is not until next week otherwise first round coverage would've dominated sportscenter this morning. There just happen to be two major sporting events over the course of the next 8 days which brought on the question.

Christopher said...

that's great stuff, thanks alot - it is pretty exciting too. There are a couple bigger guys in that class. Much as i love BC's image and speed, and players like Gionta and Gerbe and Shannon and Collins, i wouldn't mind seeing as add some more dynamic big forwards (and much as I love Orpik, he is just a grinder)...Good size class too in terms of numbers, though I would like to see us add one more defenseman

Brian said...

It will suck losing Brennan on D, Adams, Gannon, Greene, Bertram and maybe Gerbe, but we have a solid team that has a lot of upside. Especially with Muse filling in nicely after Schneider's early exit.

Brian said...

In other news, Jeff is STILL leading everyone in our buddy's dad's office pool. Wire to wire so far, a fact that greatly depresses me. Go KU!