Thursday, March 13, 2008

TV Picks

Jeff is on hand to watch a full day of basketball in Charlotte. He sends us this pic of the arena prior to the noon tip between (8) Wake Forest and (9) Florida State (in progress). Since we all can't be as lucky as Jeff, here is information from ATL Eagle regarding tonight's game watches and TV schedules.

For readers in the greater New York City metro area, read on.

How can a conference tournament game for the #1 basketball conference in the country not be on television in the largest TV market in the country - NYC?!
  • TV - blackout
  • 360 - not provided on Time Warner Cable
  • Pat O'Briens - on the other side of the city

You would think the "Worldwide Leader" would bump ESPNU Give N Go (whatever that is) for some extra ACC tournament action on ESPNU (which I actually get as part of Time Warner cable).

/cries as he takes out his credit card to shell out the $4.99 for ACC Select coverage

In NO WAY do I question BC's move from the Big East to the ACC, but its right around this time of year that I start to reminisce on having the Big East basketball tournament take place down the street at MSG (right in my backyard).

End of rant.


Joe Bags said...

I agree. There are only two things I miss about the Big East, and the BE Tournament at MSG is one of them. It is a great event and convenient for most BC fans to attend.

The other thing I miss is playing Syracuse at football, and that, fortunately, is coming back.

Brian said...

You mean, kicking Syracuse to the curb in football. Let's hope their program becomes a little more respectable before the series starts up again. Go BC!

Brian said...

Wow! I just logged onto ACC Select at 9:15pm and blackouts apply to ACC Select coverage too.

/ pulls out gun

Christian Russo said...

Did anyone else have problems with BC's own (i guess it's CSTV or whatver) GameTracker? It didn't seem to be working when i tried, so i went over to ESPN. Since I have inSider, I was able to use their "RealTime" tracker, but unfortunately all that gave me was a ticking clock and a scoreboard. I had to wait a minute or so for their game tracker to update with the detailed play-by-play to see what was actually happening. Man, someone really dropped the ball on coverage for this game...