Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gerbe's Penalty Shot Goal

Here's another look at the amazing Nathan Gerbe penalty shot goal in yesterday's 5-1 win against Providence. Hobey highlight reel, anyone? Check out Eagle in Atlanta for the other view.


favato said...

greatest goal ever!!

Christopher said...

it reminds me of the penalty shot ryan shannon tried in his first season with the Anaheim Ducks....problem was, the goalie made an absolutely unbelievable save. The goalie here was floundering like a beached whale. Gerbe's Hobey candidacy reigniting?

Brian said...

I definitely think that Gerbe will be invited to the Hobey award ceremony (called the Hobey Hat Trick, which includes the final 3 players).

Unless he does something amazing in the HE tournament (like absolutely smoke UNH in the semis and win the final), I don't think he has enough to overtake the kid from Michigan.