Friday, February 8, 2008

A Date with the Dukies and the Big Finish

We go to the Big Finish on a day BC Interruption celebrates its 1000th visit.

Jeff: Big basketball game on CBS tomorrow when the Blue Devils go to Conte Forum. I'll say it again, BC has no chance to win but I hope to continue to see some improvement out of some of our young players. And maybe John Oates can build off his monster game Wednesday night.

Brian: It already makes me sick to my stomach thinking about losing to this team by 30 points, in front of 3x more fans than the Maryland game.

Brian: ESPN has BC on Bubble Watch. Unless we go on a ridiculous tear, I don't see us making the tournament and N.I.T. is debatable.

Jeff: Brian, why so pessimistic about BC basketball? 3 of our 5 conference losses have come from the 4 teams that you have making the NCAA tournament. So after that all we have is a road loss against Virgina and an overtime loss against V-Tech. After Duke tomorrow there are lots of winable games on the schedule.

Brian: 12-9 with no quality out of conference wins (outside of maybe Rhode Island) and bad out of conference losses = my pessimism. Although I continue to admire your optimism, Jeff.

Jeff: I saw on SportsCenter today some talk about Matt Ryan being the #1 pick and going to the Dolphins. Give me odds.

Brian: It would not be unprecedented for Parcells. The Tuna has done this before, turning a junior Washington State QB into a #1 draft pick. Dolphins need a lot more help than Matty Ice but its a good fit. Given that the Dolphins can do a whole bunch of things with the #1 pick, including trading down, I'll go relatively high on this and say 40%. It would be a ton of pressure on the Iceman though.

Brian: Hockey against Massachusetts (10-9-6, 5-8-5 HEA) tonight. Two teams going in opposite directions. Do the Eagles keep pace with New Hampshire and Providence tonight?

Jeff: Of course. I always expect BC to win in hockey.

Brian: 3-1 Eagles victory behind Gerbe and a solid performance from Muse.


EagleinNYC said...

Isnt the game tomorrow at Duke not BC?

Jeff said...

Yes. That would be Cameron Indoor, not Conte Forum. Sorry about that. Cameron Indoor is impossible to get tickets to and Conte Forum is impossible to fill. Slight difference. Thanks.

Brian said...

@eagleinnyc - thanks for keeping us honest.

Don't mind jeff, he has a bit of a soft spot in his heart for the Dookies and takes every opportunity he gets to put down Eagles attendance.